Weight Watchers Update (For My Mom!)

So…I’m really trying not to talk about Weight Watchers ALL the time – I just don’t want to be annoying – but my mom asked for some pictures when we were talking on the phone tonight. You can’t really see detail in pictures that are texted to her phone, so I figured I’d post them on the ole’ blog for her to see. Here ya go, Ma!

Big difference, right?! It’s pretty exciting. My original “face” update can be found here. As you will also read in that post, I started this thing off at 265. Right now I’m down to 231…so I’ve lost 34 lbs. I’m currently down to a size 18. I bought some new clothes recently and believe it or not, the pants are already starting to feel baggy on me! Perhaps it won’t be long before I’m a 16. I hope not, but the weight loss is beginning to slow down a bit. In the beginning, I was losing about 4-5 pounds per week. Right now I’m averaging about two pounds per week.  I knew it would slow down eventually. I’m just glad to still be making progress!

Okay. That’s it’s for the weight update. Now on to Harper. He’s sick. Again!

He started wheezing really badly this afternoon. It came out of no where! One minute he was fine, and then the next, he sounded like a 100 year old smoker. Needless to say, I freaked out. And cried. After an after-hours trip to the pedi, we learned that he has the croup. Fun times. Here is a video of sick Harper so you can hear the nastiness:

and that video^^^ reminds me of this one that I took of him when he was about 3-4 months old:

He had something similar to what he has now in that video! Poor baby boy 😦 I feel so bad for him. Especially since he JUST got over whatever it was he had two weeks ago (I basically concluded it was Hand, Foot & Mouth). Prayers for my sweet baby are much appreciated. He’s still in good spirits, as usual, but I still hate seeing him sick! It just hurts my heart.

3 thoughts on “Weight Watchers Update (For My Mom!)

  1. Misty says:

    You look so good! You are really making me consider trying WW again!

    • Misty says:

      And sorry to comment again, but I’m amazed by the difference around your eyes. That seems like a strange place to be able to tell a difference, but your eyes look so clear and big and amazing in the second picture!

  2. I love-a yo face!!!!!!!!!! You look awesome! Oh – and I got the birthday invite…wish I could be there 😦

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