Harper the Hampster.

Harper has a new trick. He has figured out that instead of sucking on his bottle, he can just hold it above his head and let the milk drip into his mouth. Ingenious!

Here ya go:

Stop rolling your eyes. Of course I made a video of the new trick. I document everything! And of course I’m going to blog about it. What else am I supposed to do while Harper and P are napping?

Anyways, Benji said that Harper reminded him of a hamster yesterday. Hence the title of this post. This little boy cracks us up, that’s for sure! You’ll also notice in the video that he is holding the bottle with his hands AND feet. That reminds me of a monkey. Maybe we should call him Monster – get it? Monkey & Hampster put together?!?! I know…I’m cheesy. Shut up.

Hopefully one day soon Monster will be 100% on the sippy cup and he’ll drink from it like a regular person. Right now he just plays with it and slings it everywhere though. Fun times.

One thought on “Harper the Hampster.

  1. kristy says:

    It took Ryder FOREVER to use a sippy cup! I think he was two before he started drinking from a straw. Lucy drinks water and juice from a sippy but still wants milk in her bottle. I dont think Ryder was completely off his bottle til he was well over 18 months old. Oh well, he is alive and has great teeth…

    Also, I used to think it would be awesome if there was a way to hang a bottle on the crib like in a hamster cage. This isnt an invention though because it is weird….but I think its a great idea haha!

    Does Harp ever just turn his bottle upside down and watch milk drip on his feet? Lucy does this ALL THE TIME. Its annoying.

    OK, love you, bye!

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