My friends…

…are amazing. Seriously.

Two things you need to know about me: I love mail. And I love birds – specifically cardinals.

Yesterday I got home and a package was waiting for me. When I opened it, I saw beautiful things. Ah! My favorite! My lovely friend Anna found this watercolor on Etsy and bought it for me:

And she didn’t stop there either! You see, Anna is pretty talented herself. She makes all sorts of pretty things. She decided to make some stationary to go with the watercolor:

Amazing, right?! Yeah…I thought so too.
If you like it, you should check out her website:

Getting gifts in the mail is not an every day thing for me, so imagine my surprise when I received yet another homemade (aka VERY SPECIAL) gift from a friend today! My friend April made me a little birdy nest necklace and sent it my way:


These gifts are so very special to me! I am so thankful to know that my friends from back home still think of me even though we’re separated by some major mileage. What a blessing!

I couldn’t have asked for better timing on these little reminders of friendship. I’ve been super homesick lately. And bummed because my cat has been missing for a week. And stressed because we are moving…again.

These gifts just reminded me of what really matters in this life: my relationships. With people and with Jesus. Remembering that makes life a little less stressful 🙂

Thanks, friends!

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