Weight Loss Update (Pictures Included!)

Something great happened today! I fit into a size 16 pair of jeans for the first time in about a decade. I get excited with each new victory – no matter how big or small – so my apologies if posting about them too much annoys anyone. It just helps me to keep going 🙂

I ended up with some “me” time today so I decided to go try on some clothes while I had the chance. I went to Target and grabbed the first size 16 jeans I could find. They happened to be skinny jeans and ended up being the only size 16 jeans I could find. I headed to the dressing room expecting to come out disappointed, but ended up being really encouraged. They fit! WOO HOO!! I honestly thought it might be a fluke, so I headed over to Ross to see if I could fit into a size 16 there as well. And I could. Dude…it felt so awesome!

Here are the pictures:

Target skinny jeans.

Ross jeans! Yippee! (the shirt is a lil’ too tight, but whatevs)

So far I’m down a total of 42 lbs. Yesterday was actually my Weight Watchers four month anniversary 🙂 The past month or so has been difficult. The weight loss has slowed a bit. I’ve had a lot going on – family visiting, birthday parties, etc. I lost my cat. We moved. The weather has gotten colder, so I’ve walked less. I walk about 2-3 times a week now, whereas in the beginning I was walking just about every day. My days have just been very unpredictable. It’s easier for me to make healthy choices when I know what to expect so this has been very hard to stick to recently. BUT I HAVE.

I’ve been losing about a pound a week for the past month. I’d prefer to be losing closer to two, but I always tell myself “at least I’m not gaining!” I’m proud because I’ve kept going. I’ve stuck to this. Even on days/weeks when I have been discouraged. That’s a victory for me.

There is one thing that’s driving me absolutely insane that I’d like some advice on: MY ARMS! Oh my gosh. My bottom half keeps shrinking and shrinking, but my arms are staying the same. I feel very disproportional right now. What should I do? Will they eventually shrink or should I be doing something to help them along like…lifting weights? If so, how much, how long, etc (and PS: I don’t want to bulk up…)?

So yeah…thoughts? Advice?



4 thoughts on “Weight Loss Update (Pictures Included!)

  1. Nicole says:

    So so so proud of u! While losing weight, it’s important to exercise at the same time so you can use the muscle tone to help with loose skin. Walking is doing wonders for your legs so doing pushups and lifting light weights will do wonders for your upper body.
    Hope that helps!

  2. I can’t believe these pictures! You look fantastic!!!!

  3. Katie says:

    OMfreakingG!!!!! You are lookin’ super fly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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