Hearing from God…

I woke up to this today

My first thought was “holy crap…where did that rock fall from?!” I started looking all around…in the trees…on the roof…even up in the sky (maybe it was a meteorite?). It finally dawned on me that someone had to have thrown it through our window.

I realized I was out of gas in the car late last night. I was going to be getting up early this morning so Benji and I went ahead and took it to fill it up so that I wouldn’t have to get up any earlier. I saw my purse in the floorboard when we got home and thought about taking it in, but decided against it (I’m lazy). We live in a good neighborhood (or so I thought), and I just knew it’d be safe there for a few hours. Wrong!

By the time this morning rolled around, I had already forgotten I had even left it in there. I couldn’t imagine why someone would bust our window out for no reason at all. It was scary to think someone did it just to be mean. I started racking my brain trying to remember if I cut someone off while driving last night, or if I turned without signaling, or if I just made someone mad while we were out and about. Benji finally caused me to remember that my purse had been in there – duh!

I was somewhat relieved to know that there was a reason behind it all, but that relief didn’t last too long. At some point in the morning, I found out that WE would have to pay the $400 to fix our car because our deductible was too high (remind me to change that tomorrow, btw). What a sickening feeling: being tight on money and having to pay for damage caused by someone stealing from you. I was also freaking out because some stranger had my driver’s license and Social Security card (hello, identity theft!). Basically…I ended up in our bed, in the fetal position, crying. Gosh…I really hate to admit that. It’s embarrassing.

During my “panic attack” I heard these words: “he is able to do exceedingly more than we ask or imagine.” This isn’t a verse I’ve committed to memory and I actually had to Google it to know where it could be found (Ephesians 3:20, if you’re curious). A peace settled over me and I stopped crying. I just knew it was from the Lord. I felt compelled to ask him things regarding the situation, so I did. I prayed that we would find my wallet, I prayed that God would provide the money to fix the car, and after several subtle, and annoying (if I’m being honest) reminders to bless the thief instead of cursing him/her, I began to pray blessings on the person who did this. During my prayers, I saw a picture of a house that’s right around the corner from us. I pass it whenever I walk, so I assumed that it just randomly popped into my head because of that…ah, when will I learn?

After having lunch with one of my dearest friends – who is also letting me borrow her car for the week because she’s amazing – I decided to go check the mail at our old house. When I got there, this was on the door:

I called and it turns out that this kind, wonderful woman lives REALLY close to us. Can you guess where?! If you guessed in the house that I pictured while praying, you’re 100% correct.

Also…everything was in my wallet….EVERYTHING. My credit card, my debit card, gift cards, driver’s license, Social security card…EVERYTHING.

I’m so blown away by God’s goodness, I just had to share the story. A-mazing.


5 thoughts on “Hearing from God…

  1. Misty says:

    OK, this is goofy, but when I saw the picture, I was like, “Why did they leave a half-eaten sandwich on the front seat of their car? Did the thief leave it??”

    Yeah, that would be the rock. That was used to break the window.

    I’m special.

    Glad things are working out a little better than you thought!

    And isn’t that the Mike Kearns scripture?? 🙂

  2. martianbaby says:

    hahahaha you’re so right!! I totally forgot about that! Good ole’ (creepy) times. And that rock totally looks like a sandwich!

  3. SO good….what an amazing story. So glad everyone is safe (including your identity). LOVE YOU.

    Oh and @Misty – I TOTALLY thought the SAME thing. Looked like a grilled cheese. and it looked yummy.

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