Hearing from God (an update!)

Just an update for everyone who read my previous post: Hearing from God.

My mom called me a few hours ago and told me to call Safelight Repair for an estimate to repair our car. She works for State Farm and knows her stuff. She told me to call them instead because a dealership will charge out the wazoo (the $400 quote was from Toyota). Well…she was right. I filled out a form online for a quote and the total cost (for EVERYTHINGGGGGGGGGGG) was $198.95. Umm…awesome, right!?

If that wasn’t awesome enough, I received an e-mail from Paypal stating:

“Dear Ashley Waldrop,

Just thought you’d like to know ___________________ sent you $200.00 USD.”

This person didn’t know about the Safelight quote and thought she could only cover half of the $$$ to fix the car – amazing! I really want to shout this girl’s name from the mountain tops, BUT since she wanted to send it to me anonymously and couldn’t, I’ll keep her anonymous here.

My mind has been blown by Jesus, kind strangers and amazing friends. Wow.


One thought on “Hearing from God (an update!)

  1. […] worked a huge miracle in our lives. Remember how someone broke into my car and stole my purseĀ and how God provided for a new window, among other things? I found out the very next morning. I’m pretty sure if those events hadn’t taken place, […]

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