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Harper’s 1st Haircut!

I love my boy’s wild and crazy curls. The thought of cutting that beautiful hair just killed me! I didn’t think we would cut it for a really long time, but after we took Harp to see Santa and I saw this picture, I decided it was time. He was beginning to get a mullet in the back…crap!

I asked for some suggestions on where to take him and a friend from my Virginia moms group suggested that I take him to Snip-Its in Charlottesville. It’s a salon just for kids and they have a “1st Haircut” package. Your kid gets their picture made, they get a certificate and a toy, and you get locks of their hair for the baby book. It was pretty spankin’ awesome!

Here are some pictures:


Haha…I love this one!!

Harper feeding the stylist his comb.

The certificate

The picture they took…he wasn’t interested in the camera at this point

And this is the finished product. He looks so grown up!

The stylist cut it shorter than I wanted her to, but I was prepared for this. Harper did really great while we were there. He never once freaked out and only tried to grab the scissors a few times. I’m really glad we chose Snip-its! It was a great experience!!


With Harper being a lot more aware this Christmas than he was last, we decided to start some traditions that we want to do with him (and our other kiddos) each year.

Tradition #1 – Get a picture with Santa

Harper had his picture made with Santa last year when he was itty bitty. It’s amazing how much he’s changed in a year! We’re going to take him for a picture each year until he thinks he’s too cool to do it anymore. After that, I’m going to make a scrapbook or maybe even a giant holiday frame to hold all of the Santa pictures. I just think it’ll be neat to see the progress between each photo 🙂

Tradition #2 – Five gifts


I decided to do this for each of our kids mainly because I like the idea of setting limits for myself. I LOVE giving gifts and have the potential to get really carried away with it. With this, not only will I have an idea of what to get each year, but it will also (hopefully) prevent me from going absolutely nuts with my gift giving. The idea is that you give your kids four gifts: a want, a need, something to wear, and something to read.

This is a picture of Harper’s “four” things for this Christmas:

He got a green hairbrush that folds up into a ball (a need), a wooden block set (a want…although we did have to guess at it this year), a toboggan, winter coat and socks (something to wear) and two books.  And see what I mean?! We even went over a little bit even though we had limits.

You’ll notice that when I wrote Tradition #2 up top, I wrote five gifts, instead of four. That’s because I want to add a gift to the list – a gift to give away. When Harper and our other kiddos are older, I want them to be involved in giving to those that are less fortunate. We will have them pick out a gift for a needy child and then give it away, probably through Angel Tree, Toys for Tots or something like that. I think it’ll be a neat way to teach them to care for the poor.

Tradition #3 – Memory Jar


When I was 18, I made one of these for a dear friend of mine. For the life of me, I can’t remember where I got the idea from, but I know it wasn’t Pinterest, as Pinterest wasn’t around in 2004.

For our family, I’ll have the memory jar set out in a special place throughout the year. It’ll have a pen and slips of paper beside it. Whenever something happy or funny happens, or just something we want to remember, we can write it on a slip of paper and stick it into the memory jar. On Christmas or New Years (haven’t decided which one yet) we’ll read through all of our memories from the previous year. I plan on buying some wine racks to display the jars on. The year will be written on the top of the lid, so you can pick and choose what year you want to read, and just pull it from the wine rack.

So…those are a few of our traditions. What are some of yours?

That time Harper projectile vomited on Benji…

If you’re a Facebook follower, then this isn’t new news: Harper is sick. He developed a cough on Saturday night, but we didn’t really think anything of it. His pediatrician previously told us he would probably have a “croupy” cough several times during the winter. He told us that Harper reacts to the common cold by developing “croup” so we assumed that this was what was happening.

Sunday and Monday didn’t really change our minds. On Monday, Harper puked for the first time ever. That’s right, folks! He’s been vomit free since 93 (another HIMYM reference)…or for the first year of life at least 🙂 I wasn’t concerned over the fact that he puked because it was after a coughing fit. He basically coughed and coughed until he gagged and then well…you know the rest. Monday night he refused to eat. He did take a bottle, after which we put him down for the night. And then, our worst night in the history of Harperhood began.

Harper woke up screaming every 30-40 minutes…pretty much all night long. It was exhausting. And did I mention that I was sick too (thought it was a cold, but now I’m thinking bronchitis)? Benji and I took turns with him, but I still thought I would die. At one point, I realized that he was happier while sitting up instead of lying flat. I raised his mattress with a pillow and that helped tremendously! After this discovery, I concluded that he must have an ear infection. A trip to his pediatrician’s office the next morning confirmed an ear infection and RSV – geeez!!

So now to the title of the blog-o! After actually succeeding in getting Harper to eat last night, we took him upstairs for a bath. After bathing him, and getting him dressed, I handed him off to Benji so that I could go hang his towel back up. While I was in the bathroom, I heard “HELP!! ASHLEY!!!” Being sick and slow, I did not run into the room. I just said “what do you need?” And in reply, I got another panicked “Help!” It sounded a little more serious this time, so I “rushed” into the room to find a scene from The Exorcist. Benji was holding Harper and well…puke was going everywhere, including on him.

Honestly, it was quite impressive. I didn’t know Harper had that kind of power in him lol. Eventually the puke fountain stopped and we got everything cleaned up (yeah…that took a while). Harper had a smirk on his face the whole time we were cleaning up and would giggle at us occasionally. Little booger.

All I could think after that little episode was thank God Benji was the one holding him (haha sorry babe)! I’m a chain puker, so I don’t think that would’ve ended well, had it been me in his place. Thankfully, we haven’t had anymore vomits today. I’m hoping to keep us vomit free for at least another year. Please, oh please, oh please let it happen!

At least Harper is a happy baby, even when he is sick. He smiled a lot yesterday. I took this while we were cuddled up together on the couch:

Gosh. I love him.

Five Years! Whoa!

We were just babies in this picture! I was 20 and Benji was 22. I kinda can’t believe it.

This post will have a lot of pictures because I just have to show off all of the awesome things that Benji did for our anniversary. We celebrated five years of marriage on Saturday. I seriously can’t believe that much time has passed since we got hitched! Wow!

A few weeks ago Benji told me he was going to handle planning our anniversary night! If you’re a girl like me, you know there is nothing better than having your man plan a date night. Woooo! I immediately got excited!

So…we are taking a trip to Gatlinburg with some friends at the end of the month. We paid for the trip back in August and decided it would be our “big” anniversary gift to each other. With that being the case, we didn’t want to spend a lot of money on the date night. We had dinner in and we made our gifts 🙂

So here’s how it went down. Benji had his aunt decorate our dining room AND make dinner for us:

There were flowers everywhere! There were five in the center of the table and one laying where I was supposed to sit that was for our sixth year:

For dinner we had cheese fondue, steak and baked potatoes (YES!!) and then friend chocolate pies:

Don’t you just love the heart that Marcy drew on my pie?! I love her!

For my gift, Benji made “coupons” for me haha

Here’s a close up of one:

Umm…notice Harper has a knife in this drawing? So reassuring for “Mommy’s time alone!” 🙂

So basically…Benji is amazing! The coupons were for all sorts of goodies (back scratches, dish washings, Harper watchings, movie pickings, etc). Each one had a drawing that gave me a good laugh. I love my sweet hubby.

I’m not posting a picture of my gift to Benji because I’m making another one for one of my friends.

After dinner, Benji took me to the Frontier Culture Museum. Everything is outside at the FCM. I’ve been wanting to go there since July, but haven’t gotten around to it. I had no idea they had nighttime activities, but apparently around Christmas time, they do lantern tours at night. It was pretty awesome. Father Christmas was our tour guide and he took us to three different homes so we could see the different ways people celebrated Christmas in the old days. We went to an English home, an Irish home and a German home. Each home had a “play” and took about 30 minutes. I loved it!! Afterwards, Father Christmas took us to have cider and cookies. There was also a band that was playing Christmas music. And get this…one of the players had a blue horn!!! (That’s for all you fellow HIMYM watchers).

The night was wonderful! I felt so loved and celebrated. I’m blessed beyond measure! No doubt.


I was on top of things when I was pregnant with Harper. Now? Not so much. I don’t know what’s up, but I have absolutely no interest in blogging right now. The only reason I’m writing this is because I know I’ll regret it later on if I don’t keep up with things so I’m forcing myself to blog.

My first ultrasound was on December 6th. I’m not really sure why, but the people had me come in before I was even seven weeks along. Now…I should’ve already known this since I’ve been through this once, but you usually can’t pick up a heartbeat on the ultrasound before seven weeks. I vaguely remember reading that when I was a few weeks pregnant with Harper, but that was almost two years ago and I have pregnancy brain right now. I cannot be expected to remember such things!

So basically, I stupidly went into the ultrasound expecting the same experience I had with Harper (I was 9 weeks along when I went in with him – we saw him AND heard his heartbeat) and got the crap scared out of me when I didn’t hear a heartbeat. Umm…SO not cool. The ultrasound tech eventually found the baby’s heartbeat on the screen. We could see the flicker, but the baby was TINY, so she never picked up the sound of it. Here is a picture of the tiny being:

I was a little disappointed when we left, but I’m glad I at least got to see the heartbeat. I would be driving myself mad if I would’ve been given no proof at all of a beating heart.

Overall, I’m still feeling pretty great. I’ve mainly been feeling sick in the evenings, if at all. That’s such an improvement from when I was pregnant with Harper! I have nothing to complain about really. I’m so thankful for new life! 🙂