I was on top of things when I was pregnant with Harper. Now? Not so much. I don’t know what’s up, but I have absolutely no interest in blogging right now. The only reason I’m writing this is because I know I’ll regret it later on if I don’t keep up with things so I’m forcing myself to blog.

My first ultrasound was on December 6th. I’m not really sure why, but the people had me come in before I was even seven weeks along. Now…I should’ve already known this since I’ve been through this once, but you usually can’t pick up a heartbeat on the ultrasound before seven weeks. I vaguely remember reading that when I was a few weeks pregnant with Harper, but that was almost two years ago and I have pregnancy brain right now. I cannot be expected to remember such things!

So basically, I stupidly went into the ultrasound expecting the same experience I had with Harper (I was 9 weeks along when I went in with him – we saw him AND heard his heartbeat) and got the crap scared out of me when I didn’t hear a heartbeat. Umm…SO not cool. The ultrasound tech eventually found the baby’s heartbeat on the screen. We could see the flicker, but the baby was TINY, so she never picked up the sound of it. Here is a picture of the tiny being:

I was a little disappointed when we left, but I’m glad I at least got to see the heartbeat. I would be driving myself mad if I would’ve been given no proof at all of a beating heart.

Overall, I’m still feeling pretty great. I’ve mainly been feeling sick in the evenings, if at all. That’s such an improvement from when I was pregnant with Harper! I have nothing to complain about really. I’m so thankful for new life! 🙂


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