Five Years! Whoa!

We were just babies in this picture! I was 20 and Benji was 22. I kinda can’t believe it.

This post will have a lot of pictures because I just have to show off all of the awesome things that Benji did for our anniversary. We celebrated five years of marriage on Saturday. I seriously can’t believe that much time has passed since we got hitched! Wow!

A few weeks ago Benji told me he was going to handle planning our anniversary night! If you’re a girl like me, you know there is nothing better than having your man plan a date night. Woooo! I immediately got excited!

So…we are taking a trip to Gatlinburg with some friends at the end of the month. We paid for the trip back in August and decided it would be our “big” anniversary gift to each other. With that being the case, we didn’t want to spend a lot of money on the date night. We had dinner in and we made our gifts 🙂

So here’s how it went down. Benji had his aunt decorate our dining room AND make dinner for us:

There were flowers everywhere! There were five in the center of the table and one laying where I was supposed to sit that was for our sixth year:

For dinner we had cheese fondue, steak and baked potatoes (YES!!) and then friend chocolate pies:

Don’t you just love the heart that Marcy drew on my pie?! I love her!

For my gift, Benji made “coupons” for me haha

Here’s a close up of one:

Umm…notice Harper has a knife in this drawing? So reassuring for “Mommy’s time alone!” 🙂

So basically…Benji is amazing! The coupons were for all sorts of goodies (back scratches, dish washings, Harper watchings, movie pickings, etc). Each one had a drawing that gave me a good laugh. I love my sweet hubby.

I’m not posting a picture of my gift to Benji because I’m making another one for one of my friends.

After dinner, Benji took me to the Frontier Culture Museum. Everything is outside at the FCM. I’ve been wanting to go there since July, but haven’t gotten around to it. I had no idea they had nighttime activities, but apparently around Christmas time, they do lantern tours at night. It was pretty awesome. Father Christmas was our tour guide and he took us to three different homes so we could see the different ways people celebrated Christmas in the old days. We went to an English home, an Irish home and a German home. Each home had a “play” and took about 30 minutes. I loved it!! Afterwards, Father Christmas took us to have cider and cookies. There was also a band that was playing Christmas music. And get this…one of the players had a blue horn!!! (That’s for all you fellow HIMYM watchers).

The night was wonderful! I felt so loved and celebrated. I’m blessed beyond measure! No doubt.


One thought on “Five Years! Whoa!

  1. kristy says:

    Those coupons are the best ever!

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