Harper’s 1st Haircut!

I love my boy’s wild and crazy curls. The thought of cutting that beautiful hair just killed me! I didn’t think we would cut it for a really long time, but after we took Harp to see Santa and I saw this picture, I decided it was time. He was beginning to get a mullet in the back…crap!

I asked for some suggestions on where to take him and a friend from my Virginia moms group suggested that I take him to Snip-Its in Charlottesville. It’s a salon just for kids and they have a “1st Haircut” package. Your kid gets their picture made, they get a certificate and a toy, and you get locks of their hair for the baby book. It was pretty spankin’ awesome!

Here are some pictures:


Haha…I love this one!!

Harper feeding the stylist his comb.

The certificate

The picture they took…he wasn’t interested in the camera at this point

And this is the finished product. He looks so grown up!

The stylist cut it shorter than I wanted her to, but I was prepared for this. Harper did really great while we were there. He never once freaked out and only tried to grab the scissors a few times. I’m really glad we chose Snip-its! It was a great experience!!


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