Getting back up :)

Last week I decided that today would be the day I would start Weight Watchers again. I was going to start last Monday, but later decided I just wasn’t ready yet. I needed some time to do some emotional eating. Lots of chocolate (and peanut butter pie) was had. I had my last bite of ice cream last night and got Benji to take the Oreos out of the house this morning. I am ready now.

Before getting pregnant, I was very public about my weight loss journey. I want to continue along that path. I feel that writing about my progress here keeps me accountable. So in the spirit of that, I am once again telling my weight: I am currently 226.

I started out on July 12, 2011 at 265 pounds. My goal was to eventually reach 200 pounds, but then Benji and I unexpectedly got pregnant. I have since gained two pounds, which might have seriously just come from all of my emotional eating last week.

I’m excited and ready to get back on track. I’m also proud of myself because I’m not letting everything that’s happened get the best of me. I’m not going to act defeated because well…I’m not. I have victory through Christ and I’m going to get back up and kick life’s arse. Here goes nothing.


3 thoughts on “Getting back up :)

  1. Jenn says:

    Kick it, Girl! You’re an inspiration! You’ve got this!

  2. i say amen to that…i’ll start with you…tomorrow. lemme get my emotional eating out today…but i’m with you. tomorrow. 😉

  3. karen tarbell says:

    Proud of you for having such a positive outlook, Ashley. It makes such a difference to know that God is so much bigger than our momentary circumstances, and He is in control!!

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