An unexpected kick in the butt…

When I started Weight Watchers, I told myself that I’d be doing it for life. I need a food budget and I don’t think I’ll ever be the person that can stay in shape without counting calories/points. I just overspend when I don’t pay attention to it.

Even though I knew I’d need to be on Weight Watchers for life, I also knew I wouldn’t continue doing it during a pregnancy – I have very bad food aversions when I’m pregnant so I end up eating whatever I can stomach. This makes counting points very difficult.

When I started Weight Watcher’s, I knew I wanted more children in the future and I often wondered what would happen after a pregnancy. How would I handle eating whatever I wanted for nine months and then returning to the counting points lifestyle? I’m not very good at restarting “diets” so I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to hop back on the Weight Watchers train after having a baby.

Well, I got the answer to my question sooner than I anticipated. As you know, Benji and I found out that we were pregnant in November – we hadn’t been trying – and then we lost the baby in December. While I didn’t have a full nine months off of Weight Watchers, I did have nearly two months off – long enough for some of my old habits to return.

I knew it would be hard to start back up, so in order to help with getting back on the train, I set a date for starting back. I knew if I didn’t set something, I’d keep putting it off. For the whole week before I was supposed to start, I was terrified of trying and then failing. I was afraid I wouldn’t have the same willpower as last time, since it would no longer be new and exciting.

January 9th (a Monday) arrived, and I did great. For a few days. My birthday was on that Friday and there was no shortage of sweets this year. Brownies, cake, cupcakes and more cake! I decided to take the weekend off of Weight Watchers to eat my heart out – you only live once, right?!

I mean hello…look at all this deliciousness!!!

When the following Monday rolled around, I was determined to make my first “real” day back a good one. And then I got a text from one of my amazing girlfriends up here telling me not to eat breakfast because the prayer meeting we were having that morning was actually a surprise brunch for my birthday. Umm…CRAP! I was tempted to take yet another day off of Weight Watchers in order to go crazy at brunch, but I knew if I did that, chances were, I’d never get back on board.

Fortunately, I didn’t really have much of a choice in the matter because my friends made all (well…mostly all) healthy foods – they knew I was trying to watch what I eat. Awesome! There was lots of yummy fruit and a spinach and goat cheese quiche (OMG!!!) and then…cake. Thanks to those gals, I didn’t have a horrible first “real” day back after all 🙂

Even though I did okay the first day, I was still afraid of failure on the next. I didn’t feel strong enough to turn down certain foods. That’s when I got an unexpected (and much needed) kick in the butt! I was going through one of my FB photo albums from April and I found a full body picture of myself from before I started Weight Watchers. Side-note: I was so unhappy with my body before starting Weight Watchers that I didn’t take any before pictures of it. I only took before pictures of my face.

Well needless to say, this picture knocked my socks off. I didn’t realize how much progress I had made until I saw this:

Holy mother. Wowzers.

Ha…I’d say it’s been pretty smooth sailing since I saw that picture because I NEVER want to go back there again. Not necessarily because of the way I looked either…it’s because of how I felt. I felt uncomfortable in my own skin, all day, every day!

So yeah…it’s on like Donkey Kong! So far I’ve lost a little over four pounds. I’m doing it…again! Yippee!!

9 thoughts on “An unexpected kick in the butt…

  1. Sara says:

    Nothing like losing weight to motivate you to lose weight!

  2. I also knew that I would have to do Weight Watcher’s my entire life. However, when I reached my goal weight, I got overconfident. Barry and I started back in January, and I had not only gained back all the weight I lost but added 20 extra pounds with it. It’s a brutal reminder that this is not a diet for me… but a total lifestyle change.
    You are such an inspiration. Just know that everyone goes through those times when they are trying to lose weight… where it seems like life itself is trying to sabotage you. Having a plan and being determined to keep it always helps
    Love you, girl!

  3. Jenn says:

    You go, Ashley! You’re such an inspiration, and you look ahhh-mazing!

  4. Tracey Long says:

    So proud of u girl. Keep up the good work.

  5. Katie says:

    You look AWESOME!!!! And I know you feel awesome, too! 😉 Losing weight and keeping it off really is about changing the way you eat and the way you look at food… I’ve gone back and forth with 30 pounds since my senior year of high school and I think I will finally be able to keep it off long-term. I am proud of you!!

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