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Pregnancy Dreams

Hey! I’m updating again, and it hasn’t been a month! :::::pats self on the back:::::

I had a dream last night and wanted to write about it here. Pregnancy dreams can be crazy at times, and while this one was definitely on the crazy/funny side, it was also neat and I don’t want to forget about it.

In it, I was going in for a regular check up (I think I was 18 weeks). I really wanted to find out the gender of the baby so I asked if they could do an ultrasound on me. They said no, so I decided to sneak into their ultrasound room and perform one on myself. When I saw the picture of the baby, it was actually just like looking at a baby in real life. There was color, and movement, etc. It looked nothing like an ultrasound. She (that’s right! It was a girl.) even had on clothing. I was drawn to her shoes above everything else, but I know that she had on a white dress and headband. Her shoes (which were sandals) were bright white and had flowers all over them. I don’t know why they caught my attention more than anything else, but they did.

She looked to be about six months old in the picture (hopefully this part isn’t true or I’ll be in trouble). She was smiling and laughing and looking right at me even though she couldn’t see me. At one point, I noticed that she had her molars. I began to freak out about that because I didn’t like the idea of a baby inside of me having teeth already (hello, Breaking Dawn, anyone?!). Just as I began to freak out, I saw God’s hands inside my womb. They started to fold her gums over her teeth. Now this sounds gross, but it was really neat to watch. I told Benji, it was like watching someone make a cal-zone. The gums were soft and doughy and folded over easily, and then connected to each other, to turn into a smooth surface. When everything was finished, her mouth looked like a normal newborn’s mouth. No teeth. Only a smooth, red, gummy smile.

And that was it. See. Pregnancy dreams are freakin’ crazy. But I actually really enjoyed this one. Most of mine involve bugs crawling all over me, so it’s always nice to have one with a cute baby instead. Even if the cute baby has teeth before it should! ūüôā

I also wanted to give a tiny pregnancy update (with a picture!).

My belly this time around is ridonkulous. This was taken at about 14 weeks. I didn’t show until about 20 weeks with Harper. I’m not sure what’s to blame for showing so soon this time around. I’ve always heard you show sooner with subsequent pregnancies just because your body already knows what to do. But it could also be because I am 50 pounds lighter this time around. I don’t know, but either way, my belly is popping out like crazy!

Up until this point, I’ve been undecided on my feelings about the gender. With Harper, I was 100% sure he was a girl. You see how that turned out. This time, my feelings change every day. One day I think it’s a boy, the next I think it’s a girl. We find out on July 27th so I need to nail something down soon. After my dream last night, I feel like settling down on saying it’s a girl. We’ll see how I feel about that tomorrow.

Regardless of the gender, this baby is very active. It has already woken me up a couple of times with its little flutters. And sometimes, it takes my breath away with the way it moves. I’m not really sure what the heck it’s doing to produce that sensation, but Harper only did that to me once, and it was when he was much MUCH bigger.

Just like last time, I am excited about meeting this little one. I wonder what he/she will be like and what he/she will look like on a daily basis. Unlike last time, I am A LOT more patient. I am not anxious for the time to pass by. I am okay with waiting – even if he/she comes two weeks late – because I know the road that lies ahead of me. I know how hard those first few month are and I also know that I’ll miss being pregnant, no matter how much I swear to hate it in the weeks ahead. For now, I’m trying to soak this up and cherish it. It’s such a precious time, and it’s only for a season.

Umm…Hi! Remember me?

Yeah…so it’s been two and a half months since my last update. WOW! I think that’s my longest stretch for this blog. Oops. It wasn’t intentional. I just got way behind! I had some cool things to share and I wanted to share all the cool details tied into each story, but there was so much to say that I just kept putting it off and putting it off. And then more cool things would happen and well…you get the picture. I ended up not sharing any of the stories because I didn’t feel like it anymore.

So I’m going to give a brief update on our lives since March 25th – without all of the cool details because I’m just way too tired.

#1: Baby Number Two

This is probably more to blame for the lack of updates than anything else. I’m now 14 weeks along and past the worst part, but the beginning was a little rough. Not as rough as my pregnancy with Harper, but it was rough enough that all I wanted to do was nap in my spare time. And nap I did!

With Harper, I was sick almost 24/7 until 20 weeks, but I wasn’t really tired. With this pregnancy, I’ve been extremely tired (toddler chasing could be to blame!) and not as sick. I didn’t start feeling the nausea with this one until six weeks, whereas with Harper it was immediately. That’s actually how I knew I was pregnant with him. I’ve only had a few toilet huggin’ sessions this time and for the most part, I feel almost completely better now. Side note:¬†every time¬†I say that, I end up puking within 24 hours so I’m going to lie here and say I’m still sick ūüėČ

#2 We’re moving back to Alabama!¬†

Yep, that’s right! When Benji and I found out we were pregnant and that he didn’t get a professional job in C-ville that he had interviewed for, we knew we were going to have to do something. He started sending out his resume to schools/libraries all over the country. Long story short, he e-mailed his resume to the Head of School at a private school in Montgomery, Alabama (only about 1.5 hrs from our hometown). They contacted him right away, flew him down to Alabama over Mother’s Day weekend, and hired him later that week. You can read a better and more detailed version of this here: My Mother’s Day Weekend Adventure.

It was AMAZING. Have you ever tried to make something happen on your own, gotten to the point of giving up and then had it happen right after you finally surrendered? That’s what this was like for us. After the miscarriage, and losing my job in February, and just being plain miserable and homesick here, we had tried everything we could think of to get back to Alabama. I had applied for jobs, Benji had applied for jobs, and nothing ever worked out.

We talked and decided to stop trying to go home to Alabama. And then yet another job (here) fell through for Benji. Instead of focusing on applying for jobs in Alabama, Benji decided to apply everywhere in the country. The job in Montgomery just came out of nowhere. It happened and it was so effortless because it was God. It felt so different from our earlier failed attempts to move back to Alabama. There was peace this time. No only that, but it is literally the BEST job Benji has ever gotten. It pays more than any job he’s ever held, it’s the perfect fit for him (elementary¬†school librarian…need I say more?!), and the hours are¬†phenomenal! We….are….pumped!

#3 Harper

I don’t even know what to say about Harp. There is just so much! It’s amazing to watch him learn new things every day. He’s a very fast learner and loves figuring out how things work. His vocabulary grows every day. Here lately, I’ve only had to tell him the name of something once or twice before he has it. It’s amazing. And he almost always tries to repeat us when we tell him the name of something. I love that he loves to try! My favorite words that he says are owl (this one is adorable!), apple and night night. Out of everything he says, those three are by far the cutest! Whenever he is tired, he comes to us and says night night. It melts my heart.

He loves being outside. We actually can’t say that word in our house (unless we’re really going) because when we do, he goes to the door and starts asking to go out. If we don’t follow through with it, all hell breaks lose lol. That same goes for walks. He loves going on walks with us!

He still loves fruit. Any and all kinds of fruit, really. Well…except for bananas. He loves¬†broccoli, spinach, squash, zucchini and cucumber. And that’s about it for the veggies. He only drinks water nowadays. He randomly stopped drinking milk recently. He’s never been overly fond of it so it¬†wasn’t too much of a shocker. ¬†Fortunately, he does like cheese and yogurt so we give him those things instead.

He walks everywhere and climbs everything. He loves the stairs. He also loves to jump! Especially if daddy or mommy is jumping with him. We play lots of games with him.¬†Our favorite game right now is getting him to make all sorts of animal noises. The best ones are monkey and sheep noises. He does them both perfectly and it’s HILARIOUS!

I could seriously write forever about the things he has been doing. It’s bittersweet because with each passing day, he seems less like a baby and more like a little boy. He has such a kind heart and amazing sense of¬†humor. I can’t even imagine the laugh lines and wrinkles we’re going to have¬†because¬†of him!

#4 Pictures

Just thought I’d share a few pictures from the last few weeks:

Hopefully it won’t be another two months before you hear from me again ūüôā