Pregnancy Dreams

Hey! I’m updating again, and it hasn’t been a month! :::::pats self on the back:::::

I had a dream last night and wanted to write about it here. Pregnancy dreams can be crazy at times, and while this one was definitely on the crazy/funny side, it was also neat and I don’t want to forget about it.

In it, I was going in for a regular check up (I think I was 18 weeks). I really wanted to find out the gender of the baby so I asked if they could do an ultrasound on me. They said no, so I decided to sneak into their ultrasound room and perform one on myself. When I saw the picture of the baby, it was actually just like looking at a baby in real life. There was color, and movement, etc. It looked nothing like an ultrasound. She (that’s right! It was a girl.) even had on clothing. I was drawn to her shoes above everything else, but I know that she had on a white dress and headband. Her shoes (which were sandals) were bright white and had flowers all over them. I don’t know why they caught my attention more than anything else, but they did.

She looked to be about six months old in the picture (hopefully this part isn’t true or I’ll be in trouble). She was smiling and laughing and looking right at me even though she couldn’t see me. At one point, I noticed that she had her molars. I began to freak out about that because I didn’t like the idea of a baby inside of me having teeth already (hello, Breaking Dawn, anyone?!). Just as I began to freak out, I saw God’s hands inside my womb. They started to fold her gums over her teeth. Now this sounds gross, but it was really neat to watch. I told Benji, it was like watching someone make a cal-zone. The gums were soft and doughy and folded over easily, and then connected to each other, to turn into a smooth surface. When everything was finished, her mouth looked like a normal newborn’s mouth. No teeth. Only a smooth, red, gummy smile.

And that was it. See. Pregnancy dreams are freakin’ crazy. But I actually really enjoyed this one. Most of mine involve bugs crawling all over me, so it’s always nice to have one with a cute baby instead. Even if the cute baby has teeth before it should! 🙂

I also wanted to give a tiny pregnancy update (with a picture!).

My belly this time around is ridonkulous. This was taken at about 14 weeks. I didn’t show until about 20 weeks with Harper. I’m not sure what’s to blame for showing so soon this time around. I’ve always heard you show sooner with subsequent pregnancies just because your body already knows what to do. But it could also be because I am 50 pounds lighter this time around. I don’t know, but either way, my belly is popping out like crazy!

Up until this point, I’ve been undecided on my feelings about the gender. With Harper, I was 100% sure he was a girl. You see how that turned out. This time, my feelings change every day. One day I think it’s a boy, the next I think it’s a girl. We find out on July 27th so I need to nail something down soon. After my dream last night, I feel like settling down on saying it’s a girl. We’ll see how I feel about that tomorrow.

Regardless of the gender, this baby is very active. It has already woken me up a couple of times with its little flutters. And sometimes, it takes my breath away with the way it moves. I’m not really sure what the heck it’s doing to produce that sensation, but Harper only did that to me once, and it was when he was much MUCH bigger.

Just like last time, I am excited about meeting this little one. I wonder what he/she will be like and what he/she will look like on a daily basis. Unlike last time, I am A LOT more patient. I am not anxious for the time to pass by. I am okay with waiting – even if he/she comes two weeks late – because I know the road that lies ahead of me. I know how hard those first few month are and I also know that I’ll miss being pregnant, no matter how much I swear to hate it in the weeks ahead. For now, I’m trying to soak this up and cherish it. It’s such a precious time, and it’s only for a season.


One thought on “Pregnancy Dreams

  1. Katie says:

    It may not have been a month since you last updated, but it sure did feel like it!!! I am leaning towards thinking you’re having a girl… ’cause I want you to have one and I want you to dye her hair the same color as yours! Lol 😉 You look so cute and I’m glad she’s 😉 so active!!!

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