17 Week Appointment & Mosquito Bites

Okay. So I’m trying not to only talk about my pregnancy here. However, one day, many, many years from now, I’d like to have my blog professionally printed off for my kids. I just think that would be a neat little keepsake (they may think otherwise, but whatevs). With that being the case, I want to document everything I can about my pregnancy without it being super annoying to the people who currently read my blog.  I’ve decided to try and cram everything into one “pregnancy” posting about every four weeks, or after every check-up. This is my first…expect the next one around the end of July 🙂

Note: that should read *aversions. And I got the turnip photo from here.

I had my 17 week check up this past Friday. I should’ve had a check up at 16 weeks, but couldn’t fit one into my schedule then. As a result, my appointments are all off and falling on odd weeks. Now, I won’t have the anatomy scan until I’m 21 weeks, instead of 20 weeks. The fact that I could technically find out what I’m having at this very moment, but have to wait almost another entire month, is KILLING me!

My appointment went really well! The baby’s heart was beating at 148 bpm – it’s always so reassuring to hear that sound – I hadn’t gained any weight (waaaaaa-hoooo!) and my blood pressure was 112/72. It was all so encouraging. I can only hope the rest of my appointments are just as good! 🙂

My dear friend Theresa kept Harper for me during the appointment (THANK YOU!). She has a daughter that is two months older than Harp. They are BFF.  

See. Aren’t they cute?

We had a last minute family get together at Benji’s grandmother’s that evening. The mosquitoes must think Harper is super sweet because they always eat him up no matter what I do. Despite having bug spray and light clothing on AND bug repellent torches burning all around us, they still bit him. They got him on the legs and on his right ear.

When I got Harper up for breakfast the next morning, I did a double take. I was looking at him straight ahead and his ears were….crooked. One was much, MUCH bigger than the other.  He looked like Alfalfa from Little Rascals. For a moment, I actually thought that his ears had had a growth spurt overnight, and the one ear had just left the other behind (ridiculous, I know!). But then, I remembered the mosquito bite. I’ll blame my stupidity on being groggy. Well…that and pregnancy brain.

It’s pretty hilarious that I didn’t think about the mosquito bite right away because Harper had actually been bitten near his eye the week before. That bite left his eye swollen for about three days:

His eye doesn’t look bad compared to this:

Amazing, right?!  His ear was completely better by Saturday, and never seemed to itch or cause him pain – thank the Lord! We’re very fortunate to have a nurse in the family (hey, Marcy!) so that we don’t have to rush to the doctor whenever something like this happens. Hopefully, he won’t always react to mosquito bites this way :-\


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