Monthly Archives: August 2012

24 Weeks. And the name change.

So this will be a quick update, just for the sake of updating. I played around with Benji’s Mac and made this little collage! Nothing has really changed since my last update, except for the sciatic nerve pain. I can’t remember if I dealt with this when I was pregnant with Harper – I’m guessing not. I’ve had spurts of it for a few weeks now, but it really started to hurt me last week. I usually don’t have any problems with it until later in the day, so fortunately, it’s not an all day thing.

I don’t really mind the pain part. I mean…it’s not pleasant, but it’s bearable. What I’m really worried about is busting me butt in public. A couple of times while I’ve been walking, the nerve has caught on something (I don’t know how to describe it?) and I’ve almost fallen over because of it. Eh…that should be fun to deal with as I continue to get bigger and bigger!

Everything else is going lovely though. I honestly can’t complain.

And one last thing. Most of the people who read my blog, get there from Facebook, so I’m sure most of you already know! We decided to change the name a tiny bit. It’s not a big change. In fact, we’re keeping the name I previously posted about, and just adding an extra name into the mix. So…she’s going to have three names. (If I decide not to hyphenate that sucker).

Benji and I had a bet on the gender. If it was a boy, he’d name it. If it was a girl, I’d name it. We did this with Harper too. Anyways, although I have naming rights this time around, we did agree that the other person couldn’t hate the name that was picked out. Well…Benji didn’t really like the idea of calling Elm by her initials. SO…to compromise, we decided to name her Emrist Elizabeth Laine Martin and call her by Emrist. God be with her when she has to learn how to spell and write her name. I’m probably still going to use Elm as a little nickname, just like I call Harper by Harp, but the name everyone else will know her by is Emrist.

And that’s all, folks!