Four Weeks!


Updating with a newborn is hard work! But I’m forcing myself to do it! I need to update about Emrist’s first well-visit and about some other things before I forget. So here we go!

Her two week check up actually occurred at 3.5 weeks because the pediatrician’s office made an error. They called me in for a bilirubin check because Emrist’s had been really high right after birth (I think it was at 17 and they hospitalize at 20 or 21?).

So, on December 19th, I pack up my cute little snowflake and drive thirty minutes to the pedi’s office. Going anywhere with a new baby is a big freakin’ deal. It takes FOREVER to leave the house with one of those sweet creatures. You have to time everything just right to insure you don’t end up in public with a screaming baby. So…you can imagine my dismay when I arrive and I’m told “Ohh…Dr. M actually wanted to schedule you for a well-visit, and our secretary misunderstood her. Unfortunately, she can’t see you today. How about December 24th?” Yes…because every parent dreams of spending Christmas Eve at the pediatrician’s office with a newborn. So I asked for a different day. They weren’t very happy with me because they wanted to see her ASAP, but for whatever reason, couldn’t work her in on that particular day. Whatevs. The 28th ended up being the soonest they could see her after Christmas so we went with that!

On the ride home, I realized that the 28th was the one year anniversary of my miscarriage. I smiled knowing that I’d get to spend part of it by taking my Emrist to the doctor for a well-check.

I was very emotional on the actual day of her appointment. I cried on the way there AND on the way back just from sheer joy and thankfulness for my baby. I guess you could say my mind was blown by the fact that I was spending the anniversary of such an awful day getting to do something wonderful: receiving good news about my new healthy little (or not so little) Snowflake. God is good, y’all.

Her stats? She was 10 lbs 10 oz and 20.75 inches long,  compared to 8 lbs 5oz and 19.75 inches long at birth. I mean…holy growth spurt! You may ask if I’m feeding her miracle grow. No, but that does lead me into my next topic: Breastfeeding!

Basically, it’s going exactly the same way it did last time – I’m not producing enough. Bleh. Unlike last time, I’m not giving up so easily. I am pumping and nursing and just giving her what I *do* have.  I make enough to give her 4-6 ounces of breastmilk a day. She drinks a total of 25-30 ounces a day, so the rest of that is formula.

I’ve done everything possible to increase my milk supply and so far, nothing has worked. I pump constantly, drink loads of water (100+ oz), and take Fenugreek. I’ve tried drinking dark beer, eating lactation cookies (thanks, Jenn!), eating oats, etc. Nothing works. My boobs are just stupid apparently. But, I am thankful that I’m getting something, even if it is just a tiny something. It’s one bottle less of formula that I have to pay for each day, and one bottle more of the liquid gold for her each day.

I’m not sure when I’ll stop doing what I’m doing. Nursing, formula feeding AND pumping absolutely sucks. There is nothing worse than putting your newborn back to bed in the early AM and then having to go pump…ughhhhhh. But it’s good for her, and I’m hoping that by doing this, she won’t get sick as much as Harper did. Not to mention, it’s helping me to lose the baby weight (last time I checked, I was down 20 lbs!). So there are lots of benefits, even though it’s a pain in the arse.

So yeah…things are still going splendidly. No sign of PPD – thank the Lord! And Emrist has been super easy. Harper loves her, we love her, and life is just good. If I was rich, I would have a million of these little rascals. They bring so much joy to my life! 🙂






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