The Memory Keeper


Some of you may remember my Traditions post from last year. Well, I am happy to report that we kept all three traditions in 2012! This post is about the Memory Jar though. Starting in January of 2012, we kept a memory jar. Anything that we wanted to remember, we wrote down on a slip of paper and placed it in the jar to be read on New Years Eve – TODAY!

I ended up being the main contributor this year, but my hope is that in the years to come, the kids will be the main ones putting memories into the jar. I was teasing Benji last night because he only put one memory in the jar this year. He responded by saying that I’m the memory keeper of this family. I kind of like that title, and it’s totally true. I like to document everything so that I can remember. It drives Benji nuts. I take pictures, I have this blog, I have three journals at home (one for me and two for the kids), and now I have the memory jar. I should probably be called the memory packrat instead of the memory keeper, but the memory keeper sounds more adventurous, so I’ll just keep that title! 🙂

We opened the jar this morning and it was awesome to relive some of the memories from this past year. Some of them had already been forgotten even, so I’m glad we did this!

Here are a few of my favorites:










What a wonderful year we’ve had!

3 thoughts on “The Memory Keeper

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  2. […] I can’t believe it’s already time to do this again. Sheesh. This post will be pretty short. I’m tired (aren’t we all?) and don’t feel like being overly chatty, but I do want to keep my yearly tradition going 🙂 So, I’ll simply post my favorite memories pulled from the jar, and won’t bore you by saying anything further! If you want to see a recap of our 2012 and 2013 memory jars, you can view those here, The Pensieve, and here, The Memory Keeper. […]

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