I love cake.

This has nothing to do with cake. I just couldn’t think of a title. I love cake so much that it was the first thing that popped into my head. So now it’s the title of this post. Sorry if you came here hoping to photo-lust over pictures of cake.

I’m really posting because I want to remember this past Mother’s Day. It was fabulous.

I worked a double-shift at my new job (more on that in another post), so I was expecting it to be anything, but fabulous. I worked Friday and Saturday night, and during both shifts, people talked about how busy Mother’s Day would be for the business. I heard from several that it was the busiest day of the year and most were saying it’d be horrible.

I went into to work at 11AM and there was a line out the door. And it never stopped. Fast forward to 8PM: I hadn’t sat down once, I hadn’t eaten…I hadn’t even taken a restroom break. I was tired and my feet were burning.

I got home close to 10PM and I was so ready to crash. Benji had texted me and told me that Harper picked out a gift for me and that he was insisting on waking up to see me open it.

Have y’all ever woken a toddler up from a deep sleep? It’s a dangerous game that usually ends pretty badly. I walked through the door hoping to talk Benji out of waking him up. The last thing I wanted to do was deal with a cry-fest because we woke Harper up. Well…Benji insisted because he’s a man of his word and had told Harper he would wake him up. Benji went to wake him up, and I sat down on the living room floor, waiting to hear a grumpy whine come from his room.

Y’all. He came out of his room DANCING. He was SO excited about giving me my present. It was the cutest thing ever! He was smiley and happy and just plain adorable. It was the best thing to come home to after such a long day.

I forgot to mention that Emrist also happened to randomly wake up after I got home, so I got to spend some time with both of my babies. I think Jesus just knew I needed this:

IMG_1242Look at that joy!


These are my gifts.

The owl cookie jar was from Harper, the painting was from Benji and the nesting dolls (which are actually measuring cups) were from Emrist. I loved everything! Here’s a picture of the inside of the nesting dolls:


Awesome, right?!

On top of the awesome gifts, Benji also got me two cards from the kids. I teared up while reading them. And I’m kind of embarrassed to admit this, but I’ve read them several times since then and they still make me cry. Every time.






These are super special to me. I wasn’t there to watch the process, so I don’t know exactly how it works, but you put the child’s handprint inside the card. Harper’s didn’t turn out as well as Emrist’s did because he was so squirmy. I love that and think it’s perfect!

I feel so blessed to have such a kind, caring and thoughtful husband. He really is the best. He has always done things to make me feel special, but this one was over the top! I appreciate the gifts and the cards, but the effort is what I appreciate most. He took both of our littles all the way to Montgomery, and went shopping with them…alone. If you have more than one kid, you know what a big deal this is! He cleaned the house (even the microwave, y’all!), wrapped the gifts, took the time to write the cards and put the handprints inside, bought me candy, etc. He did so much just to make sure that I felt loved. And I do.

I am so blessed and loved. And that’s why I wrote this. I just want to remember.

And just in case any of you are angry that there was no cake…here:


I seriously just spent ten minutes looking a pictures of cake on google. I love cake.




3 thoughts on “I love cake.

  1. Katie says:

    We made those cards for my mom & Blake’s mom for mother’s day! It’s Crayola magic ink so it kinda goes on oily but it doesn’t get on clothes or anything. You can barely even tell it’s actually on their hand!!! The first one we did looked pretty terrible, haha! So sweet of Benji to tackle that on his own – I had to get Blake to help me! I’m so glad you had such a wonderful Mother’s Day. You deserve it!!!

  2. trace says:

    Now I’m sitting here crying too. You deserve all the love and happiness they have shown you, because you give it ten fold right back to them. You are a great mom and I’m so proud you. You are the cutest family and I can feel the happiness when I’m around you all. Love you all.

  3. Frankie Elwell says:

    Ashley, I’ve never met you in person, but I love you just from reading your blogs. I’m so glad my grandson found someone as wonderful and loving as you.

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