The Pensieve.

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^^^This year’s memory jar (and here’s a link to my blogpost about 2012’s memory jar (here) if you care)

It’s that time again. A new year has come! To celebrate, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite memories of 2013 from our family pensieve (aka the memory jar).

Man. I really wish it was a pensieve. It’d be super cool to look like this when putting stuff inside:


(Photo sourcey source) 

….instead of having to write it down like a stinkin’ muggle. But alas…I *am* a muggle…so I’ll have to settle for documenting things with a pen rather than a wand. Biggest disappointment of my life.

In all seriousness though….2013. It was such a wonderful year! New friends. New house(s). New job(s) for me. So much change. So many blessings. There just aren’t words for this past year. It was awesome!

I spent the last few minutes of 2013, reflecting on everything that has happened. For the last 30 seconds, I truly felt a pang in my heart because I didn’t want to see it go. As I watched the numbers get smaller and smaller, I just wanted to hold on to time and make it stop. It’s kind of silly, I know. And I’m not saying I’m not excited about 2014. I definitely am! I am just really sad to see 2013 become a thing of the past.

Once the countdown ended, my heart felt a little lighter. It was over and 2013 was gone. I opened my hands to let go of the past and held them open in hopes of things to come. I can only hope this year will be as wonderful as the last.

I rang in the new year “on the clock” and in my PJs, which was incredibly appropriate. My new job has been perhaps the biggest and best change for our family this year. I haven’t posted about it here because I don’t want to seem braggy. It seems that every time I mention my work to someone, I am flooded with questions on how I got this job, how someone could get into this field, etc. For a mom who wants to stay at home with her kids, but also wants to work, it is the perfect solution. It is my dream job, and I did absolutely nothing to deserve it.

Here are some of my favorite memories from the pensieve. I narrowed it down to ten:

photo 4

photo 5

#1 Harper climbed to the top of the Chick-fil-a playground for the first time and wouldn’t come down. Benji had to go up after him. We joked that he looked like a giant hamster in the tunnels!

#2 Jenn, Theresa, and I all saw each other for the first time in 10 months! It felt wonderful to be together again. All the  kids had changed a ton and everyone got to meet our newest member – Emrist. She was all smiles. We had our first ever kid-free hang out that night. We shared wine and laughter. It was lovely!

#3 Slow dancing with Benji at Grace’s wedding ❤

#4 We sat outside after Harper’s bedtime and watched fireflies. He loved it and kept asking us to turn them on and off. It was magical!

#5 Emrist is FOR SURE smiling! She did it to my mom yesterday and then to me four times this morning! She also cooed for the first time today. Absolutely precious!

#6 Harp swam by himself for the first time. He just took off suddenly and began swimming around. So brave! He is growing so fast!

#7 Emrist let me rock her to sleep for the first time in ages. Sweet girl!

#8 Dancing around the house with Harper and Benji before bedtime. One of my favorite things to do!

#9 On Tues, Harp brought me a chrysalis. I tried to save it by taping it to a twig! It worked! The butterfly hatched the next day. Harper loved it. He said “Look! It’s a beautiful butterfly. He’s cute!” After letting him dry his wings, we set him free. It was beautiful!

#10 We went to Paw Paw Joe’s for his annual Christmas party. Benji wasn’t feeling well the night before. I asked Harper if he would like to pray for daddy. I was expecting to lead him through it, but he excitedly said yes and began praying on his own. It was beautiful!

photo 2

Little bit loved the jar

So there they are. My favorite memories from 2013. I decided to type them out for you all because my handwriting is pretty awful 🙂

I hope you all have a happy new year and that blessings, joy, and laughter rain down upon you in 2014! ❤

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