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Little Snowflake

I’m nearly a week overdue…but it’s that time again. The time when one of my babies adds another year to their life, I spend hours reliving my favorite moments gone by through pictures and videos, and then lament about the passage of time. Sigh. It’s so bittersweet! But really y’all…how does it go by so fast? I feel like it went by even quicker with Em than it did with Harp. How have two years passed?

Somehow my girl has gone from this:


To this:


Sweet, sweet thing.

I have so many things that I could write about her, but I really want to focus on the temporary things that she is doing right now. The things that will be completely different a year from now. Kids change so quickly!

This will probably be a bit choppy, since I’m just going to write as it comes to me, so forgive me! ūüôā

The first thing I will write about is her pouty lip. Yeah…I know. You can’t really picture her glaring and pouting away while that shiny smiley picture sits up¬†above, but trust me…the girl gives a mean pout pout face. Any time she is told not to do something she gives us THE look. It’s hilarious, because she is trying to look all sad and cute, but she actually comes off as mean muggin’ us whenever she does it. Do y’all even know what that means? Hit up urban dictionary, if not.

Hmmm…next we’ll talk about food. She’s a dipper. Dude…she will eat ANYTHING if she can dip into something. Give her some brussel sprouts with a side of caramel, and she will clear the plate! We don’t really feed her that, but you get the point…and you’re probably gagging now, right? Me too. The only thing she is weird about is bread and meat. She loves chicken…but that’s about it on the meat front. And bread? 90% of the time, she won’t¬†eat it. Like, if she has a PB&J, she will lick all the PB&J off and leave the bread. But then sometimes she will eat it. She’s just an unpredictable weirdo, who eats ketchup by the spoonful.

She’s still allergic to dairy. And Benji and I are¬†still learning how to keep that stuff away from her. I am completely serious about that statement, unfortunately. We don’t have it all figured out just yet. Dairy is in everything and it’s hard to avoid sometimes! Before having her, anytime I heard that someone had a dairy allergy, I always envisioned¬†them just having to avoid milk and cheese.¬†I didn’t realize¬†that meant no goldfish, or Annie’s cheddar bunnies. No Pirate’s booty. No cake. No ice cream. Etc. And yes…I realize¬†that those are all junk food items, but that seems to be the only time we run into this problem of stupidity on our part. “Oh, you’d like to share your goldfish with her? Sure…that’s okay!”¬†WAIT!

I am just so dumb about this stuff. This is the first time I’ve ever dealt with someone who has food allergies. Even her birthday THIS YEAR…I ordered a regular cake. I didn’t even think about it! Then when she had a flare up, I realized…DUH…cakes are made with milk. Geez. Thank God it’s not a life threatening allergy because I am an idiot y’all. When we’re at home and in our own environment, it’s pretty easy to avoid it, but when we’re out and about or doing something different or having a special snack…that’s when it gets tricky. Hopefully this will be one of those things that does change over time! I’d hate for her to deal with this for the rest of her life.

And continuing with allergies, she is still majorly allergic to cats and dogs…and we think other animals too? She loves animals so we take her and Harp to the zoo a good bit. Any time we go though, she has a reaction…just from being around the animals. About a month ago, we took¬†her to Pet Smart just so she could look at the animals. She had a reaction from that as well. I don’t know why she is so sensitive to animals.¬†Her allergist said her immune system is just in overdrive. Hopefully it’ll settle down over the years.

What else? Hmm…homegirl is hilarious. She is super silly, but also very shy. This means that usually we (and a few close friends/family) are the only ones that get to see her be crazy! She’s too busy clinging to me whenever we’re around strangers, to be a¬†goofball for everyone else. It’s a special kind of feeling…knowing that she reserves her craziness for us.

Let’s see. She is Pops’ baby. She tells us that all the time! “No…I’m not your baby…I’m Pops’ baby!”¬†Pops is my stepdad. She loves love loves him! She loves Gran too, but I think even Gran will agree that Pops holds the keys to her heart. It’s kind of adorable.

She is also The Boss Baby. That’s what Harper calls her because she runs the freaking show around here. Harper doesn’t even put up a fight most of the time. I love their relationship. I’ve labeled them as¬†frienemies. They fight and they cuddle…not at the same time, of course! But they do love each other fiercely! While I don’t like to see them fight, I’m not really bothered by it either. I guess it’s because I’m the oldest of four and I can remember some¬†pretty¬†hardcore fights between me and my siblings. We’re¬†all BFFs now and are very protective of one another…so I guess you could say we turned out alright! I think Harp and Em are¬†going to¬†be the best of friends one day. ¬†I hope so anyways.

Other than that, development wise she is 32 inches (12th percentile) and 28 lbs (69th percentile). I do believe she is going to be short like my mother…and I love it!

“Though she be but little,¬†she is¬†fierce.”


That she is. And I love every bit of her!