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23 Weeks & An Update

Hey there!

Well…it has been a while! Five weeks to be exact. You know how it is though – the struggle is real, y’all.

First things first. As (sort of) predicted in my last post (My Super Honest Thoughts…), Benji and I totally caved at our anatomy ultrasound and found out the gender of Blobert.


Most of you already knew that, but I hadn’t officially blogged about the fact that we were goobers and couldn’t make it through our appointment without finding out. So…there you have it. It was actually decided that we would find out the gender after I made that post saying we were going Team Green.

You see…with Harp and Em, Benji had joked (but I thought he was serious) about not finding out the sex and I was always like NO WAY!!! So when we got pregnant this time, since I had one of each, I figured I would be patient for Benji and let this baby be a surprise. After I made that post though, we talked further about it and realized that neither of us actually wanted to wait! Haha. We’re so dumb!

We decided the night before the ultrasound to find out. We wanted to do something special though, so we decided to find out alone, and to somehow involve the kids. We ended up asking the ultrasound tech to put it in an envelope for us and when we got back to the exam room, we let Harper open it and tell us whether he saw a “B” or a “G” on the picture. We filmed the whole thing, and both kids celebrated getting a new baby sister. It’s something I’ll always cherish. I won’t even admit how many times I’ve watched that video!

I’m really glad we stayed true to ourselves and ruined the surprise. It was lovely having the kids involved, and not just sharing it between the two of us on the delivery date. I just really don’t think it would have been THAT special if we had waited to find out…and I don’t think I would’ve gotten a video either – you know how crazy birth days are!

Anyways…her name will be Mabel Ivy and we’re planning on calling her Mae, although I am trying to convince Benji to let me hyphenate her name and just call her Mabel-Ivy. You know…like a true southern lady. I just absolutely love the meaning of those names. Mabel means beautiful, loving, lovable. And Ivy means faithfulness. Mae is pretty darn cute too though, so I guess I’ll be okay with calling her by either name.

I’m currently 23 weeks and I’m feeling…pregnant. My typical back pain is starting to flare up, which SUCKS because I know I’ll be almost crippled by the time I reach the end. But whatevs. I’m hoping a visit to the chiropractor this summer will help – I’ve never tried that route before. One can dream, right? Other than that, things are pretty great!

Here’s what I spend most of my time doing:

IMG_2895Here’s how I feel on most days:

IMG_2647And here’s my most recent belly shot – this was 21 weeks and some days

FullSizeRender(2)Life is good. I’m tired. Truthfully…I just want to sleep…a lot. But work and Thing 1 and Thing 2 keep me busy constantly.

Actually…that’s another thing I can update about here. The shenanigans of Thing 2. Emrist has decided to potty train herself. Yes. You read that right. After all my postings about waiting until she was three (just like I did with Harper), she got tired of my laziness and just decided to do it herself. I know I should be super pumped about that…and part of me is (hello, less $$$ on diapers!)…but there’s another part of me that’s like WHY NOW?!?!

I don’t know. I just really wanted to wait until after Mae was born because #1 I’m tired and potty training is just one more thing to deal with. And #2 Harper’s pediatrician really drilled it into my head that you don’t potty train children before big life changing events because they will almost always regress.

With that in mind, I’ve had a really hard time committing to this…but Em has remained persistent. She randomly went #2 in the potty the Sunday before last. That’s when it all started. The next day we were at Target buying wipes, and she insisted on buying a princess potty. So we did. I continued to keep her in diapers though because like I said before…I didn’t want to commit. But she kept them dry and would tell me whenever she needed to go.

The big test came this weekend. We went to my mom’s house, and she still continued with potty training even though we were out of our routine and out of town.

I’ve literally done nothing to make this happen. If anything I’ve stood in the way of her progress because I’m an awesome mom. But yesterday, she went in and went #2 without even telling me she was doing it. So I decided that maybe this was the real deal after all, and went ahead and put her in undies today. So far, so good.

Lord have mercy though…do y’all know how messy potty training is when your independent daughter wants to do everything herself and will not let you help? It’s awful!!

IMG_2894She won’t let me do anything! She goes on her own. She empties the potty on her own – yeah…and one time the contents ended up in the floor and I stepped in it when I later walked into the bathroom. Awesome. She wants to wipe herself. And tear the toilet paper by herself. Butttttttttttt….she doesn’t have the skills to do this quite yet, so I half the time, I end up walking into the bathroom to find long streams of toilet paper all over the place. It’s MESSY. But oh well. Maybe in a week or so, she’ll really have it down, and then, if we’re really lucky, she won’t regress when Mae comes. PLEASE JESUS.

So that’s that. Life as we know it. It’s good 🙂