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New Layout

Photo & journal by {anna.michelle Cards}

So…I was talking to my friend Kristy the other day about our blogs. Her blog is really pretty and mine is was sort of plain. We talked about how if you were looking for a journal to physically write in, you’d find one that was really cute and you’d probably even spend anywhere from ten to twenty bucks on it. Heck, I’ve even spent thirty bucks on a good journal before!

Anyways, after our convo, I decided to dress the ole’ blog up a little bit…ya know, to give it some personality! I didn’t actually have the time to do it until today. I like yellow a lot – it’s a really cheerful color in my opinion – so I used that as my main color. I decided to use a “vintage” yellow background that I downloaded many months ago. I’d tell you where I got it from if I could remember! Isn’t it SO cute?! I love it!

I put a picture of a journal made by my friend Anna with this post because it matched my colors. If you want some awesome stationary/journals/calendars you should totally hit her up! She’s A-MAZING!!!! Here’s a link to her Etsy shop:!

Alright. That’s it. Random…I know.


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