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Two Years with Harper


I don’t really know how, but he’s going to be two tomorrow. TWO, y’all! Really?! It just doesn’t seem like it has been two years since I first laid eyes on my little baby boy. I’ll never forget that day.

Moments after he was born. He looks thrilled to be here.

A picture of me and Harp (on the left) compared to me and my mom (on the right). I love the (completely unplanned) similarities in these pictures.

I think this was the morning after his birth. So in love, and feeling like I had been run over by a semi.

And this was our first night home from the hospital. After being up until 5AM in the morning because the child would NOT sleep in his bassinet. We finally caved and put him in bed with us where he slept peacefully for 2-3 hrs lol. Itty bitty cuddlebug.

That first week was sorta horrible. I remember thinking I would never sleep or feel normal again. I cried constantly and asked “what the hell have I gotten myself into?” Ahh…hormones and sleep deprivation. They make for a lovely combination.

All of my mom friends who visited looked at me with sympathy. They knew what I was going through, and each would encourage me by telling me that the first five to six weeks are the hardest and then it starts to get better. I remember cringing each and every time I heard someone say this. Five to six weeks felt like an eternity. I wondered how I would ever make it.

And then I blinked and two years passed. Two years containing some of the absolute best moments of my life. Harper has been such a blessing to us. The more we get to see of him and the type of person he is becoming, the more we love him. He’s basically the bomb dot come in our book.

Now…I don’t want to make this a super long post, but I do want to write about some of the things he is currently doing. Not milestones or anything like that…just things that I want to remember.

So here goes.

He sings. All…the…time! I love it. He even has his own little tune that he hums whenever he is doing something throughout the day – we call it Harper’s song and we hum it now too. Some of his favorite songs to sing are We Are Never Getting Back Together (Taylor Swift), Two Tickets to Paradise (Eddie Money), his ABCs (doesn’t quite know how to pronounce all the letters, but he tries and it’s adorable), and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

He doesn’t wake us up in the mornings anymore. Seriously. I have to set an alarm because he will sit and play in his crib (without making a peep) all morning if I let him. He just started doing this when we moved back to Alabama so we’re going on about two months of it now. I set my alarm for 7:30 and always wake up to silence. And even though every morning is the same, and he is ALWAYS awake when I go in there, I still think maybe…just maybe…he will be asleep. But as soon as I open the door he starts cracking up, stands up and starts jumping in the bed. It’s hilarious. I have no idea what time he actually wakes up, but my guess is around 7AM. What’s crazy is that sometimes when I go to get him, he will lay back down (I’m so huge pregnant, that I can’t pick him up while he’s laying in the crib). I’ll ask him if he wants up, and he’ll tell me no! I guess he just loves his bed…a lot?

He’s a good great helper. For his age, he helps me out a lot. If something needs to be thrown away, all I have to do is ask him to throw it in the trashcan and he does it. He’ has even started throwing his own trash away without having to be asked on occasion. He helps me put dishes away (I just started letting him about two weeks ago). Of course, they aren’t always perfect, but I love that he helps. He helps me put my shoes on. If he knows we’re leaving, he will run and grab them and put them on my feet (I wear flip flops every day so that helps lol). He also helps with getting himself dressed.

He loves people. He will say hi/hey to anyone. He loves going to the park and running up to other kids to tell them hi. It’s super cute! I babysit another little boy (Cole) 2-3 days a week, and he absolutely adores him. He cries whenever Cole has to leave. It makes me glad that he’s about to have a permanent little buddy. I think he is going to rock at being a big brother. I hope he and Emrist will be BFF.

He’s still super attached to bunny, but he has now added two more to the mix – doggie and bear. I hope this means that if we ever lose bunny, we’ll have two good backups that can make up for it. Hopefully we’ll never have to find out.

His favorite foods at the moment are chicken, eggs, bread, clementines, cantaloupe, strawberries, bananas, cheese, cauliflower, cereal, and fruit gummies. His favorite activities are walking, going to the park, taking a bath, and reading books with daddy. He is constantly asking to go outside. He’s obsessed with our car (and with trucks, tractors, airplanes, helicopters, and trains).

In a nutshell, he’s 100% boy and he’s a kind person. I’ve been warned by many that he’ll soon become a monster (somewhere between age two and three) so for now, I’m soaking up all this sweetness in case it does disappear for a while ūüôā

Finally…just like any cheesy mom, I made a video slideshow of pictures from the past year. Now…about the music. There’s this song by Watermark and it’s called Noah’s Song. They wrote it for their son and it says his name at the very beginning of the song. It perfectly describes my Harper, so I decided to use it for the slideshow. The fact that it said “Noah” at the beginning drove me nuts, so I just *had* to cut it out. That’s why the volume kinda fades in the very beginning. Just FYI.

I’ll shut up now. Here’s the video:

24 Weeks. And the name change.

So this will be a quick update, just for the sake of updating. I played around with Benji’s Mac and made this little collage! Nothing has really changed since my last update, except for the sciatic nerve pain. I can’t remember if I dealt with this when I was pregnant with Harper – I’m guessing not. I’ve had spurts of it for a few weeks now, but it really started to hurt me last week. I usually don’t have any problems with it until later in the day, so fortunately, it’s not an all day thing.

I don’t really mind the pain part. I mean…it’s not pleasant, but it’s bearable. What I’m really worried about is busting me butt in public. A couple of times while I’ve been walking, the nerve has caught on something (I don’t know how to describe it?) and I’ve almost fallen over because of it. Eh…that should be fun to deal with as I continue to get bigger and bigger!

Everything else is going lovely though. I honestly can’t complain.

And one last thing. Most of the people who read my blog, get there from Facebook, so I’m sure most of you already know! We decided to change the name a tiny bit. It’s not a big change. In fact, we’re keeping the name I previously posted about, and just adding an extra name into the mix. So…she’s going to have three names. (If I decide not to hyphenate that sucker).

Benji and I had a bet on the gender. If it was a boy, he’d name it. If it was a girl, I’d name it. We did this with Harper too. Anyways, although I have naming rights this time around, we did agree that the other person couldn’t hate the name that was picked out. Well…Benji didn’t really like the idea of calling Elm by her initials. SO…to compromise, we decided to name her Emrist Elizabeth Laine Martin and call her by Emrist. God be with her when she has to learn how to spell and write her name. I’m probably still going to use Elm as a little nickname, just like I call Harper by Harp, but the name everyone else will know her by is Emrist.

And that’s all, folks!

Elizabeth Laine Martin

We’re having a baby girl. I still really can’t believe it. I mean…I thought¬†we were having a girl, but thinking it and then learning that it’s true are two different things.¬†We’ve been extremely busy since my appointment on Friday, so I haven’t had much time to sit and really let it sink in. I’ve actually still been calling her “it” at times. Oops.

Immediately after our appointment on Friday, we went and picked up the moving truck. That took forever because Penske mixed everything up. We ended up having to go to their location three different times before everything was settled! When we finally got the truck home, we packed it up, and then left for Alabama the next morning at 4AM. We got to Montgomery right before 5PM on Saturday. And then we unpacked. Holy batman, we were tired! Today is the first day that I’ve actually felt semi-recovered from it all. I figured I’d take the time to talk about baby girl’s name, and the appointment before I forget all the small details.

First things first…her name! It’s kinda complicated. I love family names – LOVE THEM – but I’ve never really been able to come up with anything that I liked for a girl. One night last fall, the name Elizabeth Laine came to me, literally out of nowhere. I was trying to fall asleep, and was thinking about baby names instead of counting sheep. I’m not really sure why I was thinking about names, because I wasn’t pregnant at the time, nor was I planning on getting pregnant anytime soon, but names were on my brain nonetheless. I saw Elizabeth Laine Martin in my head, and immediately fell in love with it.

Elizabeth is my mother’s middle name. My father’s middle name is Lane (my brother and grandfather also share this middle name). Benji and I didn’t really like the spelling of Lane for a girl, so we decided to spell it like my step-dad’s name (Blaine) without the B. So…her name honors three different people that are important to us.¬†It’s so very special ‚̧

This is the part that people may find a little weird.¬†While I love the name Elizabeth Laine, I still wanted her to have a name of her own. After some thought, we decided to call her by her initials: ELM. Most of you who know me, know that I love trees…so yeah…it’s pretty perfect, in my opinion. Elm. I just love saying it¬†out loud.

So now you know the name.

The appointment itself could not have gone any better. My weight gain and blood pressure were great. Everything looked perfect on the ultrasound. Elm’s¬†heart rate¬†was at 154 and my favorite part: she was measuring right on track, and not ahead. Harper was always ahead of the game in just about every area, and he was a BIG baby! I was really anxious to see what her head size would be, since I’m aiming for a VBAC, and it was normal (Harper was in the 98th percentile at birth). So I left feeling very encouraged. I also found out that I passed my one hour glucose test that I had taken two weeks prior to the appointment. It was an all around great day.

I’m currently 21 weeks pregnant and I’m still feeling pretty good. Within the past week, Elm has become super active. I can now see her moving from the outside – I don’t think that happened with Harper until about 23-24 weeks. It’s all so exciting and I’m just trying to soak every minute of it up. I know how fast 20 weeks can pass!

I didn’t take a picture of the bump this week, so I’ll just share my 20 week picture:

This was taken after a hike to the top of Humpback Rocks in Virginia.

So, that’s it for now. I’m hoping to update more on the move later. Lots of people that I need to thank for helping us out with everything. We are so blessed ūüôā

Umm…Hi! Remember me?

Yeah…so it’s been two and a half months since my last update. WOW! I think that’s my longest stretch for this blog. Oops. It wasn’t intentional. I just got way behind! I had some cool things to share and I wanted to share all the cool details tied into each story, but there was so much to say that I just kept putting it off and putting it off. And then more cool things would happen and well…you get the picture. I ended up not sharing any of the stories because I didn’t feel like it anymore.

So I’m going to give a brief update on our lives since March 25th – without all of the cool details because I’m just way too tired.

#1: Baby Number Two

This is probably more to blame for the lack of updates than anything else. I’m now 14 weeks along and past the worst part, but the beginning was a little rough. Not as rough as my pregnancy with Harper, but it was rough enough that all I wanted to do was nap in my spare time. And nap I did!

With Harper, I was sick almost 24/7 until 20 weeks, but I wasn’t really tired. With this pregnancy, I’ve been extremely tired (toddler chasing could be to blame!) and not as sick. I didn’t start feeling the nausea with this one until six weeks, whereas with Harper it was immediately. That’s actually how I knew I was pregnant with him. I’ve only had a few toilet huggin’ sessions this time and for the most part, I feel almost completely better now. Side note:¬†every time¬†I say that, I end up puking within 24 hours so I’m going to lie here and say I’m still sick ūüėČ

#2 We’re moving back to Alabama!¬†

Yep, that’s right! When Benji and I found out we were pregnant and that he didn’t get a professional job in C-ville that he had interviewed for, we knew we were going to have to do something. He started sending out his resume to schools/libraries all over the country. Long story short, he e-mailed his resume to the Head of School at a private school in Montgomery, Alabama (only about 1.5 hrs from our hometown). They contacted him right away, flew him down to Alabama over Mother’s Day weekend, and hired him later that week. You can read a better and more detailed version of this here: My Mother’s Day Weekend Adventure.

It was AMAZING. Have you ever tried to make something happen on your own, gotten to the point of giving up and then had it happen right after you finally surrendered? That’s what this was like for us. After the miscarriage, and losing my job in February, and just being plain miserable and homesick here, we had tried everything we could think of to get back to Alabama. I had applied for jobs, Benji had applied for jobs, and nothing ever worked out.

We talked and decided to stop trying to go home to Alabama. And then yet another job (here) fell through for Benji. Instead of focusing on applying for jobs in Alabama, Benji decided to apply everywhere in the country. The job in Montgomery just came out of nowhere. It happened and it was so effortless because it was God. It felt so different from our earlier failed attempts to move back to Alabama. There was peace this time. No only that, but it is literally the BEST job Benji has ever gotten. It pays more than any job he’s ever held, it’s the perfect fit for him (elementary¬†school librarian…need I say more?!), and the hours are¬†phenomenal! We….are….pumped!

#3 Harper

I don’t even know what to say about Harp. There is just so much! It’s amazing to watch him learn new things every day. He’s a very fast learner and loves figuring out how things work. His vocabulary grows every day. Here lately, I’ve only had to tell him the name of something once or twice before he has it. It’s amazing. And he almost always tries to repeat us when we tell him the name of something. I love that he loves to try! My favorite words that he says are owl (this one is adorable!), apple and night night. Out of everything he says, those three are by far the cutest! Whenever he is tired, he comes to us and says night night. It melts my heart.

He loves being outside. We actually can’t say that word in our house (unless we’re really going) because when we do, he goes to the door and starts asking to go out. If we don’t follow through with it, all hell breaks lose lol. That same goes for walks. He loves going on walks with us!

He still loves fruit. Any and all kinds of fruit, really. Well…except for bananas. He loves¬†broccoli, spinach, squash, zucchini and cucumber. And that’s about it for the veggies. He only drinks water nowadays. He randomly stopped drinking milk recently. He’s never been overly fond of it so it¬†wasn’t too much of a shocker. ¬†Fortunately, he does like cheese and yogurt so we give him those things instead.

He walks everywhere and climbs everything. He loves the stairs. He also loves to jump! Especially if daddy or mommy is jumping with him. We play lots of games with him.¬†Our favorite game right now is getting him to make all sorts of animal noises. The best ones are monkey and sheep noises. He does them both perfectly and it’s HILARIOUS!

I could seriously write forever about the things he has been doing. It’s bittersweet because with each passing day, he seems less like a baby and more like a little boy. He has such a kind heart and amazing sense of¬†humor. I can’t even imagine the laugh lines and wrinkles we’re going to have¬†because¬†of him!

#4 Pictures

Just thought I’d share a few pictures from the last few weeks:

Hopefully it won’t be another two months before you hear from me again ūüôā

It’s finally happening!

When Harper’s¬†pediatrician¬†told me he may walk later because of his huge¬†noggin, I really didn’t think he meant this late. I was thinking he’d probably start between 13 and 14 months. Haha…yeah…right.

Around his first birthday, I googled the normal age range for babies to start walking. It’s 9-18 months, ya’ll! That’s a huge gap! I also asked around to see when folks started walking in my and Benji’s families. Me and my siblings were late walkers. We all ranged between 13 and 16 months. (My sister was the only one who showed signs of walking early. That is until she broke her¬†femur bone a little while before her first birthday and had to be in a full body cast for weeks.) Benji also had an uncle who didn’t walk until 18 months. After hearing this¬†information,¬†I just knew my baby bird was going to wait until the very last minute to start steppin’. Oh, my poor, poor back!

I was close in my guesstimate. He’s now 17 months (one month shy of the normal range) and he just recently started taking steps about a week and a half ago. His first real steps were on March 11th (my grandfather’s birthday). He walked for a golden coin. Yes, my son will walk for money.

He still prefers crawling to walking, but we’re getting there. Hopefully, this time next month, my lower back will begin healing from the past six months of toting 25+ lbs around. Halle-freakin-lujah!

Harper the Grump

Harper has been extremely hard to handle here lately. He’s usually really easy going and¬†happy, but that hasn’t been the case for about a month now. I spotted the culprit about a week ago. Yeah…it’s a tooth – one of his K-9’s, to be more specific. That sucker must’ve hurt coming through because Harp has been so so so SO grumpy. I thought the grumpiness would soon be coming to an end since I could finally see the tooth, but then Harper got croup…again.

This week has been rough to say the least. And I had a meltdown today. My friend Susanna called me after seeing something I had written on Twitter about emotional eating РI was shoving cheese-sticks down my throat when she called. I ended up turning into a crying basket-case while on the phone with her. Harper had calmed down by that point, but I was still frazzled over the 1.5 hrs he had spent crying before she called.

In the end, Sus made me feel better, as she always does. It’s nice to have a level-headed friend on your side. She talked me through it, encouraged me and reminded me that he’s not going to be a demanding little grumper for forever, and then she prayed for me. I’m blessed to have such an amazing friend.

I’m feeling much better (for now). I say “for now” because I’m starting to realize that this motherhood thing is FULL of ups and downs and it’s only a matter of time before the next “down” hits. One minute I feel like a pro, and then the next, I doubt every single decision I make. It makes for a wild ride, folks. Six flags ain’t got nothin’ on motherhood!

I had planned on writing about something I was thankful for in honor of Thanksgiving, but this came out instead. So I’ll end with this: ¬†I’m thankful for Harp keeping me on my toes (and keeping it interesting!), I’m thankful for God for keeping me humble, and I’m thankful for the beautiful JOY (and the struggles) of motherhood. I really do love this gig…even on it’s hardest days ūüôā

One Year.

We made it through the first year! Wow. I consider this a huge accomplishment. We survived. Harper survived. We made it! In spite of the doubt and straight up not knowing what the hell-o we were doing at times, here we are, one year later, with an amazing kid on our hands. Incredible. Thank you, Jesus!

As expected, I’m feeling many different things today. I’m joyful because I have a beautiful, happy and healthy ONE YEAR OLD baby little boy. Then there’s a part of me that’s sad because he isn’t an itty bitty baby anymore. He hasn’t been a newborn for a while, but today it’s really hitting me that all that stuff is over…gone! Blows my mind! And at the same time, another part of me is¬†SO dang¬†happy that he ISN’T a newborn anymore!

I know. It sounds stupid. I miss it and I don’t miss it all at once. I miss him being tiny and¬†cuddly. I miss the noises he used to make (click here if you want to here some of the cute noises). I miss the pouty lip he used to give me if I didn’t give him his bottle quick enough. I miss actually having to hold his bottle for him. I miss him sleeping on my chest.

I don’t miss the depression. the¬†loneliness. Or the anxiety. I don’t miss being so anxious about him waking up that I couldn’t sleep. I don’t miss being so anxious about the¬†possibility¬†of him never waking up again that I couldn’t sleep. I don’t miss his 20-30 minute naps (the longer ones are so much better). I don’t miss the jerky movements that would wake him up ALL the time even though he was swaddled.

I could go on and on about the things I miss and don’t miss from that time. I think the hardest part about having a newborn for me, was just not feeling like myself, not knowing what I was doing and not having support because we were in a new place.

As most of you know, we moved four hours away from friends and family a week after we had Harp. I was recovering from a c-section and Benji was at a new job so he couldn’t take off to help me. I just had to tough it out through the pain and the emotions. To put it simply: it sucked ūüôā

I never really shared what I was going through on my blog or on Facebook. In fact, if you were reading my blog at the time, you probably thought I was super happy. I certainly wanted to appear that way. I wanted to feel that way too…but I didn’t.

I had a few close friends that knew what I was going through, but other than that, I didn’t really talk about it. I wanted to seek help for PPD, but I didn’t have a doctor in Memphis. With a newborn on my hands, making a trip to the doctor for myself just seemed like one more thing that would make life harder. Looking back, I wish I would have sought treatment. Maybe then I would have enjoyed the first couple of months of Harper’s life.

Regardless…we survived. By January, I felt like myself again and I truly began to enjoy being a mom (I credit lots and lots of prayer for this). I didn’t feel like a zombie anymore and I was beginning to get the hang of things. I didn’t cry all the time and I began to feel happy about the¬†sacrifices I was making for Harp. I guess it just took three months to get over the shock of someone else depending on me 100% for their own survival.

Before Harp got here, I really thought I knew what this mom thing would be like. I spent the entire time I was pregnant reading and researching, but I still wasn’t prepared for it. I really don’t think you can be until you’re here. It’s amazing. There are times when it’s easy breezy and then there are times when it is incredibly hard. There are so many things that I love about it. And a few things I don’t really care for, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

With all that being said, here is a little video I put together for Harp’s birthday. You knew I would.¬†It’s just some of my favorite pictures from the past year.What an amazing year it has been!

Happy birthday, Harper! Your daddy and I are so blessed to call you our own.

Baby Signing Pt. 2

Harper said his first word “eat” a little over a week ago. I was unsure if he was really saying what I thought he was saying, so I watched him for a week just to be sure. He already says things like mama, dada and baba, but he doesn’t really use them properly just yet. When he said eat or “eeeeeeeeeee” it was always at the right time, and most of the time he would also do the sign for it. Still I wondered.

After watching him for a week, I realized he was¬†in fact¬†saying it. How¬†he said it depended entirely on his mood and how hungry he was. If he’s a little hungry, he just points at his mouth and says it. If he’s very hungry, he doesn’t bother with the pointing, he just whines “eeeeeeeeeeeee” over and over again.

Anyways, my friend Misty requested a video of this, so here it is:

Some of you may remember my first post about baby sign¬†language. I’ve been sort of lax on the signing here lately. I still do it, just not consistently.

Close to a month ago, I went to my friend Theresa’s house to hang out for a bit. Her daughter is about two months older than Harper and very active! She started walking at nine months (correct me if I’m wrong on that Theresa)! Wow!

Anyways, whenever she wanted something to eat, she would walk up to Theresa and point to her mouth. It looked like a super easy sign to teach Harper, so I decided to try it. This time I threw some consistency into the mix ūüėȬ†At all of his meal and snack times, I would just point to my mouth and say “Do you want something to eat?” and then I would hand him whatever it was he was eating. It took about two weeks for him to catch on. And there’s a¬†possibility¬†that he was doing it before then and I just didn’t realize it!

I’ve always tried to talk to him like an adult, and it seems like he’s really¬†beginning¬†to pick up on what I’m saying. It’s so neat and it should make signing even easier for him to learn. And vice versa, I also think that signing will help him expand his vocabulary. I believe that if I had just said “eat” without doing the sign, he wouldn’t be saying it yet.

Watching Harper’s Face Change

Some of you may remember my Baby Project 365 post from a while back. In a nutshell, I’ve been taking a photo of Harper’s face every day since January 26th (his 3rd month-iversary of life). My plan was to continue taking a photo a day until his first birthday.

I was actually pretty awesome at remembering the photo every day. Sometimes I would remember in the middle of a Harper “right before naptime/bedtime” meltdown, so I’d snap it during the fit. Other times, I’d remember it while trying to clean food particles off his face. In the end, there ended up being a nice variety of Harper faces for the project.

Towards the end, Harper caught on to the fact that he could avoid my flash by not looking directly at my camera. The daily photo began to be a major challenge because he obviously didn’t enjoy it, and well…I could never get a picture of him actually looking at the camera. If I did manage to get him looking at the camera, he looked drunk.

I really thought I’d make it all the way to his birthday, but then he got sick in the middle of September. It made an already unenjoyable photo session even more difficult…so I just decided to stop.

I thought I’d feel bad if I didn’t make it all the way to his birthday, but I don’t. While I do love being able to see the change his face made from January through mid-September, I’m kind of glad I don’t have to worry about that daily photo anymore.

Anyways, here’s the finished product:

(WARNING. I’m writing about snot down below)

In other news, Harper is still sick. He has traded his wheezing in for snot rivers – seriously, people! SNOT RIVERS – but he seems to be feeling better at least. Today was the first time since Thursday that he was actually happy! I sure was glad to hear his laughter again.

Back to the snot. I have officially passed the “handling of something really gross” mom test. Before having a baby, there were several things that grossed me out that I thought maybe I could conquer if I loved the little human enough (pee, poop, spit up, etc.). Snot was always one thing I thought I’d NEVER be able to handle. I mean…it’s snot. Green. Gooey. Gross.

Since Saturday, Harper has had some major snot issues. (I feel like I shouldn’t be writing about this, but hey…I warned you up above, so if you’re still reading and get grossed out…it’s on you). He has pretty much had a constant stream running down his face. Anytime he sneezes, he blows snot rockets out of his nose. And sometimes, when he is just breathing, he blows snot bubbles. You get the picture. Gross.

As nasty as it sounds, I haven’t gotten sick over it once. In fact, today, while at the grocery store picking up some medicine, I did something really gross and really motherly. We were heading back to the car and I noticed the river (which I previously thought had dried up) was running down Harper’s face again. I didn’t have anything on hand to get it with, so without hesitation I grabbed it with my sleeve. I mean…how many cool/gross points do I get for that?!

I know this is lame, but when I got in the car and thought about what I had just done, I was amazed and kind of touched. Having Harp has completely changed me in the best ways. I just love him! I REALLY underestimated how strong that love and the desire to protect him would be. It conquers snot, y’all. SNOT.

It’s sort of unbelievable.

Chicken Pox?

Before I get started, I want to warn you that I’m going to be posting pictures of what I’m writing about, so if you’re grossed out by rashes, read no further ūüôā

Most of you who read my blog come from Facebook, so you probably saw that Harper was running a fever yesterday. His fever got up to 102 and then finally broke in the evening. He was fussy all day long and you could just tell he wasn’t feeling well. He has been cutting teeth like crazy (he is up to EIGHT now!!!) so I assumed it might be teething again since he had no other symptoms. He’s had some bumps on his arms that Benji and I thought were¬†mosquito¬†bites, but this morning they looked different. He also had some new ones appear on his legs overnight.¬†Luck would have it that he happened to have a well-visit scheduled for today. Long story short, the pediatrician told me that he thought he either had chicken pox or a rash caused by a viral infection. He couldn’t tell me which one for sure because he said there was one bump (top left corner in the picture I’m about to post) that wasn’t “common” with chicken pox. So…I’m posting a picture to get opinions from other moms who’ve dealt with chicken pox or anything similar:

Can any of you tell me what the crap this is?! IS it chicken pox? He has 2-3 on each limb, a couple on his neck, and a couple on his face. The one in the top left corner is the only one that looks like that, all the others just have one blister.

I don’t know…I was just really surprised that the pedi couldn’t tell me which one. He didn’t seem concerned either way. He just told me to make sure Harp doesn’t scratch them and to put Benadryl cream on them every day until they go away. He said to call if it gets worse. Hopefully it won’t.

Other than that, his check up was great. He didn’t have to get any shots – thank the Lord! It would’ve broken my heart after the day he had yesterday.

He currently weights 25 lbs 10 ounces (93rd percentile) and is 30.25 inches long (86th percentile). His head is 19.5 inches around. So big that it doesn’t even get a percentile…see:

The pedi said Harper isn’t crawling yet because his head is so heavy. Poor baby boy. I can’t help but giggle though. I was/am a melon head too. ¬†