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Allergy Update

Lawd. It has been a hot minute since I updated the blog. I updated about Mae for her birthday, with the intentions of updating about Harper, Emrist, and Theo for their birthdays too. Did it happen? Eh….no! Oops.

I figured today was a good time to hop back on the train. Harper had a presumed anaphylactic reaction to some sunflower seeds about a month ago. We had been thinking for a while that he may be allergic to them, but had basically chalked his symptoms (which hadn’t been severe!) up to the seeds being too salty. I think we were mostly just in denial because surely we can’t have two kids that have food allergies, right?!

Well, of course you can! Duh. And we found that out the hard way last month. You see, Emrist is highly allergic to soy, which requires an EpiPen. One of the things we give her, in place of soy, is sunflower. Sunflower letchin, sunflower butter, sunflower oil, etc. Sunflower has been our saving grace for over three years now, because she can have it and it doesn’t make things taste differently. Like…there is literally only one kind of chocolate she can have, and it’s because the company uses sunflower letchin as an emulsifier, instead of soy letchin. So for real…it has saved us! Sunflower is also used by a lot of allergy-friendly companies (like Enjoy Life) because it’s not a typical allergen.

On the night of Harper’s reaction, I had bought Em some new crackers from Costco. They were made from almond flour and sunflower seeds, with a few other things mixed in. While she was packing her lunch, Harper grabbed one and ate it. He immediately complained that his tongue was itching. He was even scratching it, which I had never seen him do. I gave him Benadryl and waited. About thirty minutes later, he complained that his stomach felt weird. He laid down on the couch. I started to get nervous because I knew anaphylaxis could initially present as stomach pain and vomiting (thanks, nursing school!).

I was getting ready to leave for work, and absolutely torn on whether or not to leave. My gut said no, but the rational part of my brain said I was overreacting. Feeling that I couldn’t call out because of my intuition, I decided to have Benji observe him and I went along my way. I told Benji that if Harper started vomiting, to call me immediately and get him to the hospital. I didn’t make it to the end of our street before he called. He had started projectile vomiting. I circled back around to pick him up. By the time I got there, he said his throat “felt funny.” Y’all….I panicked at that! In a nutshell, we went to the ER where he was given steroids and observed. He ended up recovering and we were sent home.

I was finally able to have him allergy tested last Friday. He had his skin test and tested positive for dogs and cats, which I suspected, along with a few other things. Unfortunately, as mentioned above, sunflower is not a common allergen, so there is no skin test for it. This meant that they had to draw his blood and test for it that way. Harper was NOT a fan, but put on a brave face and let them do it. I was so proud of him!

His allergist voiced skepticism over him having an allergy to sunflower. He thought it might actually have been the almonds instead (he tested for almonds via the skin test and it was negative). I’m grateful that even though he was doubtful, he still listened to my concerns and ordered the sunflower testing – that’s a true sign of a good doctor! ūüôā

We got the call today that Harper is indeed allergic to sunflower. The nurse laughed a little as she told me…like a laugh you do when you’re shocked. I guess it really is a rare one to have? Idk. Shrug. She said he would need an EpiPen and that they would call it in. So now we know and are prepared for any future events. Thank heavens! It makes me rest a little easier.

So that’s the update. And just in case anyone missed it: Emrist is highly allergic to soy, and can have sunflower as a replacement, while Harper is the exact opposite – highly allergic to sunflower and can have soy as a replacement. In my family, we have a term for this: Waldrop luck! Because really…what are the freaking chances?! Sigh.

This makes things interesting and truthfully, just a tad bit dangerous. I’m going to have to develop some sort of system for meal times and food storage. Advice, sharing of similar experiences, and words of wisdom are obviously welcome and appreciated!


“Beautiful. Loving. Lovable.”

You live up to your name, Mabel.

I named this post “Sunshine” because that’s what comes to mind when I think of you. Bright, beautiful light. Sunshine! That’s what you are to our family. You are so easy to love.

You’re three today, and my goodness…it takes my breath away. I still feel so close to the day when you arrived. That moment I pulled you out and brought you up to my chest. It was amazing. You were the first baby I had ever done that with and I was surprised by how warm you felt. It was quite shocking to me. You were so quiet, but your eyes were wide and alert. You were an observer from the moment you took your first breath. You’re a lot like your brother in that way.

At age three, you’re a super girly, mad scientist. It’s the cutest thing ever. You love all things sparkly, princess, and unicorn. You also love mechanical things, experiments, and playing in the dirt. You love the color purple. There’s this one particular purple sequin-covered dress that you wear literally every day. Once it’s on, you twirl and tell anyone around that you’re a princess. And you really are, sweet girl.

You love to eat….especially sweets. We have to hide anything sweet in the house because you always have a way of finding it and sneaking it. You also love cucumbers and pizza.

Snuggles. You request them daily. I honestly hope you never grow out of that. I know it might be creepy if you’re 30 and still asking your mom to snuggle with you on the couch, but I don’t care. Please don’t ever stop. It’s one of my favorite things! Holding you while you hold your blanket and suck your thumb…well I don’t know. It just has a way of making my anxieties and worry disappear.

You are still very calm and laid back. We never really went through a tantrum phase with you. You get along well with your brother and sisters. The only thing you really struggle with is sharing. You do not like sharing and will cry the saddest cry if someone has something you want.

You’re sort of giant for your age. You are in the 95th percentile, which is strange considering that Emrist and Theo are always in the 10th percentile or below. Genetics are so funny! You’ve almost caught up to Emrist in clothing sizes since you’re so tall. I think it’s entirely possible that you’ll be sharing clothes this year.

Sigh. I just can’t handle the fact that you’re three. It seems so unreal. We love you so much, Mae Bae.

Remembering the Hardest Year of My Life

2017. I feel like I barely survived it. There’s a reason why my blog stayed quiet for over a year, and it’s not because I was too busy with four kids, work, and school. Sure. Those things were a lot, and definitely would have slowed my postings during a normal year….but the real reason for my silence was struggle.

I struggled immensely last year. I think I’ve mentioned here before that I don’t like talking publicly (blogs, social media, etc.) about hard seasons while I’m walking through them. I generally prefer to wait until I’m on the other side of a mountain before I talk openly about the climb. I tell my nearest and dearest relationships, but other than that, I keep my lips zipped. With that being the case, I never felt like I could write here and be authentic last year, so I just stayed silent.

My thyroid surgery started it all. 11/22/2016. I’ll remember that date forever. I don’t know if it messed with my hormones or what, but the months following my surgery were worse than any postpartum depression or anxiety I’d ever experienced. It was absolutely unbearable, to the point that I thought…my God, I cannot live the rest of my life like this. Waking up and being stuck in my mind felt like a torture chamber. I couldn’t enjoy my children, my husband, or my life. That was very distressing for me, because I’ve always been able to “mind over matter” everything. I could no longer do that after my surgery. I was stuck in hell. I would never harm myself or anything like that, but last year, I truly did not want to live anymore. The line¬†“Dying is easy, young man. Living is harder!” from Hamilton says it best. Living was HARD. And for the majority of 2017, that was my theme.

I never truly questioned God’s existence until last year. He’s been an ever present stronghold in my life. I could always feel him, and I KNEW he was real, just like I knew I was real. But then my surgery happened, and for whatever reason…none of that was true anymore. I couldn’t feel him, no matter how hard I tried or how much I prayed. I felt abandoned and alone in the hardest season of my life. Where had he gone? Had he ever truly been there in the first place? If he was real, why was he allowing me to remain in a storm without the comfort of his presence? What if I serve a cruel God who enjoys suffering?

And so on and so forth. Being in my mind during those months really was torture. Those thoughts were unceasing.

It was hard. Definitely some of the darkest days of my life.¬†I had moments of wondering if we are all just on top of a ball that’s spinning aimlessly in the sky with no purpose.¬†Those were the worst. I honestly don’t know how people live life without believing. And I don’t mean offense by that statement. This season just caused me to marvel over the way atheists and agnostics think and function.

Anyways. In my darkest unbelieving moments, do you know what I did? I came back here and read stories of God’s hand all throughout my life. Let’s just say, I’ve kept a good record :)ÔłŹ I have so many experiences in this blog that are supernatural, and cannot be explained apart from God. Those stories helped me to hang on to him. It felt as if I was hanging on to the hem of his garment in a hurricane, but dammit…I hung on!

I finally started to emerge from the storm sometime during the summer. I started to feel God’s presence again. I started to truly believe that he was my friend, and not just some overbearing rule enforcer. I started being able to combat my many, many intrusive thoughts with truths, instead of feelings.

Yes…I felt alone sometimes, but that did not mean I was actually alone. I realized this after telling Benji, through tears, that I felt alone one evening. He came close and adamantly told me that I wasn’t. I believed him. I knew he was right. I was not alone. The proof was standing in front of me. Fact didn’t change my feelings though. I still felt very alone, even with him holding my hand, looking me in the eye, and reassuring me that I wasn’t. That was a “light bulb” moment for me.

If I could still feel alone with my husband, who is physically present and literally holding me, then I was definitely capable of feeling alone with God, who is unseen. My feelings aren’t always reality. I was not alone. I was not abandoned. Not by Benji and not by God. Depression was just robbing me of relationship and I was believing in lies.

So that was 2017 for me. I spent the first half of it in darkness, and the other half emerging from said darkness, by learning to combat lies with truth. What a learning experience it was for me! It was hard, but somehow, I think it may go down as one of my favorite years because of how much I grew.

In closing, I’m sharing some of our favorite memories from our 2017 memory jar. And yes…this is a complete change of topic, but I feel the two kind of tie together so, whatever. Here goes nothing:

IMG_5859We have six jars now! I can hardly believe it!

And here are just a few of our favorites. I’m not going to retype them, so if you want to read them, you’ll have to zoom in! LOL #lazy


How I Just Got Christmas for FREE!

I’m not even kidding y’all. I just got Christmas gifts for all FOUR of my children for free! I’m on a high and I wanted to share with you how I did this, because the main Target deal expires today! With that being the case, I’m typing this quickly and apologize for any errors.

So today only, Target has a mobile coupon for 30% off toys and games. You can get this coupon by texting “PLAY” to 827438. In addition to this coupon, you can download the Target Wishlist App for your kids which includes a 10% off coupon. You add items to your kids wishlist (we let our kids add things themselves) and then you can use the 10% off coupon on whatever you buy off of their wishlist. You can stack these two coupons, which means 40% off whatever toy your heart desires. If you purchase with your REDcard, then you get another 5% off, bring the total to 45% off. In addition to this, Cartwheel has some good deals too! All throughout the holiday season, they have a featured toy every day that’s 50% off! If you wanted today’s featured toy, you could get it at 95% off with all of these stacks!!!

If you don’t have Cartwheel, you are seriously missing out. It’s a free app…what are you waiting on?

Here’s what I scored today:

-PieFace Showdown: 45% off (Mobile coupon, Wishlist Coupon, & REDcard)
-Candy Land: 65% off (Mobile coupon, Wishlist Coupon, REDcard + 20% Cartwheel)
-Wet Head Game: 45% off (Mobile coupon, Wishlist Coupon, & REDcard)
-Hungry Hungry Hippos: 65% off (Mobile coupon, Wishlist Coupon, REDcard + 20% Cartwheel)
-Connect 4: 45% off (Mobile coupon, Wishlist Coupon, & REDcard)
-Little Live Pets Lil’ Mouse:¬†45% off¬†(Mobile coupon, Wishlist Coupon, & REDcard)
-Disney Frozen Elsa My Size Doll: 45% off (Mobile coupon, Wishlist Coupon, & REDcard)
-LeapFrog Shapes Basket: 65% off (Mobile coupon, Wishlist Coupon, REDcard + 20% Cartwheel)
-LeapFrog Count & Crawl Kitty: 70% off (Mobile coupon, Wishlist Coupon, REDcard + 25% Cartwheel)
-VTech Bizzy the Mix & Move Bot: 65% off (Mobile coupon, Wishlist Coupon, REDcard + 20% Cartwheel)
-Spy Gear Voice Changer (x 2) : 45% off (Mobile coupon, Wishlist Coupon, & REDcard)
-Spy Gear Video WalkieTalkies: 45% off (Mobile coupon, Wishlist Coupon, & REDcard)
-LEGO Classic Set: 45% off (Mobile coupon, Wishlist Coupon, & REDcard)
-Fisher Price Piano: 45% off (Mobile coupon, Wishlist Coupon, & REDcard)

My final price for all of this was $206.65 and I saved 185.02!!! Without these coupon stacks, I would have paid nearly $400! Sheeeeeesh.


But wait…I said it was free, didn’t I? Well, it was for me and that’s because of Ibotta! I started using Ibotta back in March and decided to make it a savings account for Christmas. If you’re not familiar with Ibotta, it’s an app you use when grocery shopping that mimics couponing. You can scan items and find rebates on a ton of stuff! I usually check it before I go to the store and plan my list accordingly. It’s like using a coupon, only it sets the cash aside for you, instead of deducting it from your grocery store total. Hopefully that makes sense! Anyways…from March until today, I accumulated $243.50 by using Ibotta.


I cashed out this morning, and that’s what I went shopping with…and you’ll notice I had a little left over. I’m so excited and plan on doing this every year! Christmas with four kids ain’t cheap, y’all!

Shameless plug: Another cool thing about Ibotta is that if you sign up using my referral code, you get $10 automatically (and I get $5). Here’s my link, if you’re interested:

So that’s that. Christmas shopping is mostly done for the kids. Now I just need to stock up on candy and stocking stuffers!

Super pumped.




Allergy Update


Keeping up with my blog was hard when I had three kids. Now it’s nearly impossible. Sigh. But I love to write. I especially enjoy¬†going back and rereading about our lives at certain stages. It amazes me just how faulty my memory is and how much I forget with the passage of time. There are so many things I’ve been wanting to write about lately. Harper turned six. Mae turned one. Emrist will soon be four. I want to update about where they all are right now so that I don’t forget little details later on. I also need to post an update about my thyroid (I’m having surgery¬†in a few days). I just haven’t had time for any of that though.

This morning I have a little window of time to write. Both babies are sleeping (Hello, sweet miracle from Heaven), so I have a few minutes to myself. I had to decide what to blog about, and that was a tough decision. I ultimately decided on Em’s allergies. That might seem weird, but out of every post I’ve written, the allergy posts are the ones I visit the most. When I feel crazy or depressed about her allergies, I revisit those posts to remind myself of how far we’ve come. Hopefully this will become another post that I’ll revisit in the future for encouragement.

For anyone who needs to catch up, here are some of my previous allergy updates:

Update I
Update II
Update III

I don’t think I’ve updated since her second skin test last January. That was kind of overshadowed by me getting knocked up again. Oops. In a nutshell, I didn’t really love her allergist, so I switched to a new one and had a new skin test performed.

Her old allergist just wasn’t a good fit for us. He never wanted to get to the root of the issue. He preferred to just treat the symptoms as they appeared (which was chronically for Emrist). I, on the other hand, wanted to get rid of the symptoms altogether. He was her doctor, yet I was the one seeking and finding ¬†all of the answers as to why her skin was flaring up. It was frustrating to say the least.

He declined testing her for food allergies at her first appointment, saying she was too young to have developed any. I didn’t know a thing about allergies at the time, so I followed his advice without question. At the time, I only suspected an allergy to dogs and possibly cats, so I pressed for that testing. He reluctantly¬†agreed, telling me it was unlikely she had an allergy to them (again because she was “too young” to have developed them). He was very surprised when the results came out as high as they did. Hmm…maybe the mother might know something about her own child after all? I wish I could go back in time and connect the dots to see that if he was wrong about the dog/cat allergy, perhaps he was wrong about food allergies as well. It didn’t even occur to me back then. You live, you learn I guess.

Over the next year, we saw him every couple of months. Though we had gotten rid of our cat, and limited her exposure to animals, her skin continued to break out. He continued to prescribe steroids and¬†antihistamine for her. It was frustrating, and I didn’t feel good about it. I suspected food allergies, so I eventually just went around him and requested testing through her pediatrician. The results were insane. She had reactions to everything that was tested. At that point, I ditched her allergist completely and just removed the allergens from her diet myself. Within six weeks, her skin was clear. It was incredible.

That was last summer. For about six months, we had her on a diet with no corn, wheat, soy, eggs, peanuts, tomatoes, etc. We joke that she’s allergic to everything. It really feels like it sometimes. Wheat is easy enough to avoid, but corn and soy? Ha. Those are literally in everything! Even something as simple as powdered sugar has corn starch in it. It’s everywhere! As you can imagine, her diet was extremely limited for those six months. She was basically eating nothing but fruits and veggies – she doesn’t really like meat.

When Halloween, Christmas, and her birthday rolled around, I wanted her to be able to feel like a normal kid and enjoy cake and candy. I spent a fortune on special candies from Whole Foods and Amazon that she could have. I was also able to find a recipe for a birthday cake that she could eat (cake without eggs is hard to pull off, y’all!). I was heartbroken when she requested a pink princess cake. I couldn’t pull that one off¬†because she couldn’t have the icing. It was at this point that I decided to switch to a new allergist to have her retested.

Em was such a good sport about her diet, but it made me sad that she couldn’t partake in normal kid things because it was so restrictive. I was hopeful that some of the results from the blood test were false positives. Since her skin had cleared up, I felt comfortable having another skin test and planned on reintroducing some things based on the results.

We met with her new allergist in January and LOVED him. He didn’t push steroids on us, which I thought was great. He second skin test revealed that she wasn’t allergic to corn, wheat, or dairy. Everything else stayed the same, and in addition to that we learned that she was highly allergic to cashews. Her allergist was stunned at her response to cashews and kept asking if we had a family history of nut allergy because it was so high. He prescribed her an EpiPen for the cashew allergy specifically.

I was also stunned with the cashew result because Em had been eating them pretty regularly with no reaction that we could see. As I stated above, she doesn’t like meat. With an egg allergy and a dislike of meat, her main source of protein came from almonds, cashews, and¬†quinoa. I didn’t really believe the cashew result and thought maybe it was a false positive (false readings are common with allergy testing, especially under the age of five). I still decided to pull them from her diet for a while though, just to be on the safe side. Being prescribed an EpiPen freaked me out! We decided to allow wheat, dairy, and corn back in and she was thrilled! This meant she could eat more normally. We could go out for pizza sometimes, and eat out at restaurants without having to bring a separate meal for her. It was wonderful….for a while.

Over the summer, she began to have periods where her legs would flare up again. It was back and forth quite a bit and we couldn’t determine the source of it. She had also tested high for an allergy to grass, so her allergist thought perhaps she was coming into contact with grass on the back of her legs and that was causing it. We started making her wear long pants and socks anytime she was outside. That didn’t seem to help much and we continued to struggle with a now almost constant flare up.

A few days after Theo was born we had an allergic reaction that sent her to the ER. In my sleep deprived state, I had given her a¬†L√ĄRABAR for snack one afternoon. I thought she had eaten this particular kind before, and I was also under the impression that they were only made with dates, so I didn’t check the ingredients before giving it to her. Big mistake.

I gave her the bar around 4pm. We had dinner later on, and then it was bedtime. Benji and I both noticed that she was scratching more than usual. We had been playing outside though, so we assumed maybe it was the grass. At around 10pm, Em came out into the livingroom and told me her ears were hurting. As she got closer, I realized that she was covered in hives and had actually scratched so much that she was bleeding. Her face was beet red and her eyes and ears were swollen. I panicked.

I had no idea what she was reacting to and my initial thought was that maybe a bug had bitten her. Benji and I racked our brains trying to determine the cause. We retraced our steps and went over what all she had eaten that day. It was then that I realized that the¬†L√ĄRABAR was the only thing she had eaten that wasn’t a part of her regular diet. I raced to the pantry, grabbed the box, and saw that cashews were the first ingredient.

At this point, the only thing I felt safe doing was taking her to the ER. We had a million EpiPens around the house, but she was breathing okay and I wasn’t sure if I needed to use it or not. I had never prepared to use it on her and was¬†scared of it.

We headed to the ER and I made her talk to me the whole way there because I’m dramatic like that. Once we got there and checked ourselves in, I took some pictures to show her allergist at her next appointment. Here are the ones I can post:




I wish I could show you all the pictures I have, without exposing her. It was this…all over her entire body. Red and swollen, everywhere. It was horrifying. She continued to scratch while we were there. Her legs were bleeding all over the place, and I remember fearing that she might get an infection just from sitting on the hospital bed. I picked her up and sat her in my lap. It was very late, and I wanted her to go to sleep. I also wanted to be out of her view because I was on the verge of falling¬†apart.

I eventually started to cry uncontrollably because I knew I was the source of her pain and suffering.¬†Naturally, the nurse came in as soon as I started crying. I had been holding it back for so long that I didn’t even care about the audience. I continued to cry. She looked at Em and mentioned that I was more upset then she was, and then she informed me that she recognized me from a local mom’s group that I’m in. She was SO nice, but I was absolutely mortified by this. Why does someone have to recognize you the moment you let go and ugly cry all over the place? WHY?! Haha.

They gave her an antihistamine and some steroids, and monitored her¬†vital signs for a while. After that, we were sent home with a prescription steroid to take for the next five days, in addition to the antihistamine (if you’ve kept up with my past allergy updates, you’ll know that these meds turn her into a freaking monster!). Her skin has been a constant mess ever since that night. Sigh.

We’ve waited for it to clear up, and it just hasn’t…so we’ve decided to put her back on the strict diet again. We started on November 1st, but I didn’t think to take pictures until the 6th. We’re halfway through the month and it’s just now starting to clear. I’m having to remind myself that it took six weeks last time.¬†file-nov-17-8-15-33-amShe has been such a sweetheart about it and is always wanting us to look at the back of her legs to see how they’re doing. We’re excited that they’re improving and she’s itching less and less each day.

At this point, we’re not sure what we’ll do once they clear completely. Since she was struggling so much over the summer, I feel certain that she’s allergic to something she previously tested negative to…either corn, wheat, or dairy. I’m most suspicious of dairy as we seemed to struggle with it in the early days. For now, she’s not having any of these things. If we do reintroduce them into her diet, I think we will do one at a time, and wait for a full month in between reintroductions. I will say though that I’m tempted to just leave her on this diet for forever since we know it works to keep her skin clear. It’s just hard on my mama heart to have her so restricted from certain foods, if she doesn’t truly need to be.

Perhaps the next time I look back on this post, I’ll have even more answers. That seems to be the pattern at least. Here’s to hoping! ūüôā Thanks for hanging in there and reading my allergy novel!

The Impossible Birth

Hey! Wasn’t I just writing one of these last year? Haha. As usual, I don’t even know where to begin with this one. I want to remember every single detail…not only the things that happened during Theo’s birth, but all of the thoughts, doubts, and fears I had leading up to it.

I remember so vividly the night I found out I was pregnant again. I sobbed…and it wasn’t a good kind of sob either. I was straight up ugly crying in Target, and Benji had to lead me out of¬†store. For those of you that know me, you know I do not cry in front of people…ever. Well…unless I’m watching Lion King or Land Before Time, and sometimes Full House. Crying like that in Target was a big deal…that’s how out of control my feelings were.

I sobbed again when I visited my OB and it was confirmed that I was indeed somehow pregnant. It’s not that I didn’t want another baby. I definitely did. I’ve always wanted four children. But after having three births where something weird happened, I was just scared. I didn’t realize how much fear I¬†was holding onto¬†until there was another baby growing inside, and I knew he or she would have to get out somehow. I panicked.

I eventually came to terms with the fact that I was going to go through birth again, and made friends with my fear. I didn’t try to get rid of it…I just let it be. I didn’t really like any of my birthing options. With my history (you can read about it here), the most logical option seemed to be attempting a natural birth, but I really didn’t want to do that. At one point, I even considered¬†asking for a scheduled c-section. I hated that option the most, but the recovery from that was at least predictable, though WAY¬†more painful. I longed for another birth like Mae’s…to feel that joy again. To dance and smile as my baby was born! It was amazing and so very healing. But I was afraid of being reinjured.

The worst part of Mae’s birth¬†wasn’t even that I was injured. Overall, the injury itself wasn’t *that* bad. It wasn’t painful, and didn’t interfere with me holding and caring for my baby, like my c-sections had. The worst part was just the unknown. No one seemed to have any answers for me and I had no clue when I would get better. It felt like I was flying blind, and that was scary for me.

I eventually decided that I would attempt a natural birth this time. The days and weeks passed quickly, and before I knew it, summer was over and September was upon us. I began having mini panic attacks whenever I’d think about giving birth without an epidural. I liked how happy I was when Mae came into the world, and I didn’t think that same happiness would be possible if I was focusing on making it through the pain. That made me sad. ¬†I did nothing to help my body progress, as the thought of laboring without meds scared me. I wanted to put it off as long as possible. I morphed into a hermit and dodged anyone who wasn’t in my immediate Village. At night, I would cry and pray in the bathtub. God revealed to me that I didn’t trust him, and I told him that he was right…I didn’t. I didn’t really know how to with this birth. I wrote angry prayers in my bible, and I begged God to show me how trust him.

He brought this verse to mind:

Don’t fret or worry. Instead of worrying, pray. Let petitions and praises shape your worries into prayers, letting God know your concerns. Before you know it, a sense of God’s wholeness, everything coming together for good, will come and settle you down. It’s wonderful what happens when Christ displaces worry at the center of your life. (‭Philippians‬ ‭4‬:‭6‬ MSG)

And so that’s what I began to do. I wrote down a specific request for every fear I had regarding this birth. I saved the list to my iPhone. Any time I would feel afraid, I would open it up and just meditate on it…and I would pray my specific requests:

– No complications whatsoever. Healthy baby. Healthy mama. No NICU. No paralysis. No Foley catheter needed.
-FAST. I want this birth to be fast.
-No stalling.
-Lots of energy.
-Peace. I have a tendency to freak out mid labor and fear transition. I start to feel like a caged wild animal at that point. I don’t want to feel like that this time. I want to be peaceful, calm, and trusting.
-No knots in the cord.
-Theo to have a normal head size and weight (anything under 10 lbs).

Right around 39 weeks, I was 2.5 cm dilated and my OB asked if I’d like her to strip my membranes. I was certain it would work. That’s what had worked with Mae. So naturally…I was afraid to have it done because in my mind, it would bring on labor. Was I ready? I still felt afraid. I ended up telling her to make the call…LOL. She did it, and I left the appointment…anxious.

Then nothing happened.

Benji kept wanting to go walk and I would tell him I didn’t want to because I was afraid labor would start. He would tease me and tell me it’s going to happen eventually, so why not just get it over with. I eventually gave in and decided to go walk on a Wednesday. The membrane strip hadn’t brought any contractions on, so I didn’t anticipate that walking would do anything either.

While we were walking around the circle, I talked to Benji a bit about my fears regarding this birth. By the end of the conversation, I had decided to get an epidural this time. It was a pretty huge decision, as I had never actually gone into a birth planning to get one. It had always just happened once the pain/fear/fatigue became too great for me to handle.¬†I told him that I didn’t want to labor without one, and that I wanted to feel happy and relaxed during my birth. I told him that I was going to get the epidural and just trust God that no complications would arise from it. I felt peace immediately. I had my first set of regular contractions later that night.

I’ll spare you the deets on Wednesday through Saturday. In a nutshell, I had contractions on and off that kept me awake every night, and would fizzle out by morning. I was woken up at 1AM on Saturday with contractions. I tried to sleep through them, but they were coming every 4-10 minutes, and I was feeling jittery. I hopped in the bathtub then eventually decided to clean the house since I couldn’t sleep. I thought these would be the ones that would lead to Theo’s birth, but just like the others, they too fizzled out at sunrise. I was exhausted and beyond pissed. I was moody all day and I cried a few times. I was scheduled to work from 12a-6p and I just didn’t know how I would make it through my shift being so tired. I was starting to wonder if perhaps Theo was posterior and that’s why my contractions were being weird.

My contractions returned about halfway through my shift. They were irregular and not too close together, so I decided to work through them. When my shift was over, I decided to do a round of¬†Miles Circuit¬†¬†to see if I could get my contractions to regulate. They didn’t, but they did start to hurt more. I started to feel shaky and like I needed to at least get checked. I felt certain that I was not really in labor because my contractions weren’t coming at regular intervals and were still far apart, but something in me needed to go. I texted my mom to see if she’d come stay with the kids:


She and my sister came and arrived close to 10pm. I felt really bad because I thought it would be a pointless trip for them. I kept making jokes that we’d be home soon, and my mom told me she doubted it. She thought I would be further along than I thought I was and that they would keep me.

Benji and I left and headed to the hospital. On the way, we joked about how we had stopped by Redbox when I was in labor with Emrist. Everything felt so surreal. I was having flashbacks to the year prior, when I had been laboring with Mae. My contractions had slowed with Mae, so we went for a walk at Naomi’s house to bring them back on. My contractions were stopping this time too. I had maybe two on the way to the hospital, and I considered stopping for a walk to bring them back on again. We got off of our exit, and I told Benji to forget the walking. I was grateful for the break, and I really just wanted to know how dilated I was. If I wasn’t far enough along, I’d just go back home and hopefully get a good night’s sleep!

We arrived and went straight through triage. There were hardly any cars in the parking lot. I would later find out that I was one of only two people in labor that night – AWESOME! By this point, I was having no contractions at all. I started to feel a little embarrassed for insisting on coming to the hospital. The nurse checked me once we got settled in our room and informed me that I was 5 cm dilated. WHAT? Mom was right! I¬†was in shock. I asked the nurse if she was sure and I told her “no freaking way!” when she said yes. ¬†Joy filled me, and for the first time in probably nine months, the fear completely left my body.

The nurse asked if I was planning to get an epidural. I wasn’t contracting or in any pain, so it felt a little weird to say yes, but I did. In the past, I’ve always been panicky before getting the epidural. I would get to a point where the pain and just moving forward was scary for me. I would freak out and insist on getting an epidural at that point. And then I’d have to wait. That wait was always horrendous for me. Knowing that more contractions were coming. Dreading them, curling my toes and fighting against them. Ugh…I honestly hate those moments from my other births. But this time was so different. I never had that panicky/fearful/painful moment. I got the epidural before I was in pain. I wondered at the time if it was too soon, but I just decided to move forward in total confidence that God would work everything out perfectly.

The epidural was placed around 02:00 AM and Benji and I went to sleep.

He will probably kill me for posting that!

Not much happened between 02:00 AM and 07:30 AM. I slept off and on. I was so excited that it was hard for me at times. At one point, a nurse came in and laughed at Benji being out cold. She said God knew that men would be the ones fighting wars and sleeping in ditches, so he designed them to be able to sleep anywhere and through anything. We had a good laugh over that.

My wonderful, beautiful, amazing OB came by around 07:30 AM. My contractions had returned…somewhat. They were still pretty weak and irregular, so I assumed I’d still be camped out around 5 cm. To my amazement, ¬†I was 7 cm. JLo broke my water and said Theo would be here by noon. I looked at the clock and was so grateful to only have maybe five hours left before I met my impossible baby. JLo said they would put me on the peanut ball (you can read more about the peanut ball in Mae’s birth story) and she would come back by in a bit to check on me.

HUGE SIDENOT/SHOUTOUT: ¬†I had a birth photographer for this birth. I almost didn’t have one. Back in the spring, I had decided to hire Aubrie with¬†Hello Baby¬†to take pictures. I’ve always put Benji in charge of capturing our births, but this time, I wanted him to just be able to be present. Unfortunately, we had a TON of things happen over the summer including, but not limited to, car wrecks, car breakdowns, sicknesses, and hospital stays, that made hiring a birth photographer not a responsible decision once August rolled around. I wrote Aubrie and told her we wouldn’t be able to move forward with using her because of our finances. I had made a non-refundable deposit to her back in the spring and I anticipated losing that. She is friends with me on Facebook and had seen all that we had been through. She was so very gracious to me and returned it in full. I was shocked and so touched. It was a huge blessing for us. Around the same time, I talked to a friend of mine whose sister had had a VBA2C over the summer. She had photographed her birth and was interested in getting into birth photography. Her name is Morgan, and she runs¬†Photos By Moe. She graciously agreed to step in and take photos for me for practically nothing and a little LuLaRoe on the side ūüėõ It was just incredible how God worked it all out, and I’m so so thankful because I have some truly amazing photos that I’ll cherish forever from this birth.

Okay, back to the story.

¬†The hospital staff had told me to text my photographer around 7 cm. I texted Morgan at 07:31 AM. She arrived at 08:07 AM. Not long after that, the nurse put me on the peanut ball. She told me that if I started to feel any pressure, to let her know, and she would check me. Otherwise, she would check me every two hours. I don’t know how long I was on that ball, but it wasn’t long before I started to feel weird in my nether regions. I had the epidural, so I wasn’t sure of what I was feeling. I just knew it felt different. I sheepishly requested that the nurse come back in to check me. I always stall at 6-7 cm, so I really thought I was wasting this poor nurse’s time having her recheck me just minutes after my last check. But no…her fingers bumped into Theo’s head. I felt it. She told me I was complete and ready to push. Holy. Hell. YOU ARE JOKING! Again…complete and utter shock.

Morgan caught the moment:


The nurse is busy telling me that Theo’s head is right there and I’m busy laughing because there’s just no way that’s true. I mean…that was my face for the entire birth! Everything just seemed too crazy to be true. IMPOSSIBLE.

Everyone came back into the room and started to get ready. I just kept laughing and saying no way and SHUT UP. Morgan told me later that as everyone was getting dressed and ready, she could see Theo’s head already starting to emerge. Insanity.

My contractions were still irregular and not close together, but it seemed like my body was doing it’s thing regardless. Everyone got into position. The overhead lamp was turned on, and I remember that it felt very warm and comforting. We talked about turning my dance mix on that I had playing¬†during Mae’s birth,¬†and laughed that there hadn’t been enough time for it this birth. My feet were placed in the stirrups. I wiggled my toes around every second that I got to insure that I could still move them. Everything felt so fast…and fun. There were so many smiles in the room, and I think mine was probably the biggest one of them all. I was getting the fast birth that I had prayed for! We started to push, and it seemed that as quickly as we started, we were finished.¬†I pushed three times before I felt a pop…which I think must have been her head coming out. She was here. 08:36 AM. Twenty-nine minutes after Morgan arrived. One hour after being told I was at 7 cm. It was amazing. And so beautiful. I was in total and complete shock! Morgan captured that moment too, and it’s one of my favorite pictures of all time:




When they placed her on me, it was just incredible. She had the thickest, darkest hair…and it was slicked down with¬†vernix. She was gorgeous!


I feel like the whole theme of this birth was just shock and surprise.


I mean…I laughed the entire time because THIS COULD NOT BE HAPPENING. Even the pregnancy itself. Everything was impossible, from the moment of conception, to the moment of her birth! She was 7 lbs 13 oz…yet another impossible thing, considering that I usually have 9 lbers AND I carried Theo longer than any of the other three. God is just so so good. He went above and beyond to scream “I love you” to me through this whole thing…even while I was doubting Thomas.

Theo. My goodness…we love you so. I’m so glad you’re here. You were worth every bit of fear I had to fight to meet you. I can’t wait to see what you are going to do with your impossible life, baby girl! ‚̧

Theodora Paxton

FullSizeRender (5)

Yesterday we found out that we are having another girl! THREE daughters, y’all. Harper had told me the day before that he would be happy if it was another girl, but that he’d still complain because that would mean “the girls win!” As you can see from the picture, he didn’t complain one bit. I love the look of delight on his face. Such a sweetheart!

Theodora Paxton. We picked the name out weeks ago. We actually even had the same name for boy (Theodore). This was probably the easiest time we’ve had picking out a baby name. I remember driving one day and I heard the name Theodore. I decided to look it up when I got home and found that it meant “divine gift”. Well…if that’s not appropriate for this impossible baby, then I don’t know what is! I talked to Benji about it, and surprisingly he was on board. I say “surprisingly” because we usually disagree on all the namez. Haha!

He was reading a book he liked at the time, and told me he wanted to use the main character’s name for the middle name. Paxton. I thought it was cute and so it was decided: Theodore or Theodora Paxton. I didn’t even look up the meaning of Paxton until a few days later. It was then that I discovered we had unintentionally named our baby “divine gift of peace”. I believe with every fiber of my being that this child will indeed be a divine gift of peace. I cannot wait to meet her!

All of our kids have nicknames, and this little jewel will be no different. We are going to call her Theo, after my great grandmother.


She was a strong, but gentle woman. Sweet, caring, and kind. She loved children. She loved everybody, really. She was an amazing quilt maker and cook. My favorite thing about her was her ability to stop and take the time to teach you something. She never viewed you as an annoyance. If you wanted to learn something from her, she would teach you, and she would do so with patience. She taught me how to cook and sew. She was such a strong presence in my childhood. She and my great grandfather, Frank, were the rock of our family. Their marriage was decades-long, and so solid. They were lifelong partners and had four children together. They were in love until the day they died. And I mean that. They were IN LOVE. They served each other, spoke to each other with kindness, and smooched  ‚̧





Mamaw Theo had so many qualities that I want my children to possess. Harper, our first, shares her birthday. And I love that our last will share her name. I hope this means she’ll inherit those quilt-making skills and make me some beauties to keep me warm in about 20 years ūüôā

Thyroid Cancerish

Hola. People ask me on a regular basis about my thyroid removal surgery, and I figured this would be the easiest way to update everyone.

A little background for anyone who may be checking in for the first time. I have a multinodular goiter. Translation…my thyroid is full of nodules and enlarged. Thyroid nodules are actually quite¬†common and are usually no big deal. Unfortunately,¬†I have one that is humongo. Since it’s so big, it has the potential to be or become cancerous.¬†With that being the case, I’ve been having yearly biopsies on this one nodule since 2014 to keep things in check. Removal of my thyroid¬†has been an option for me all along, but I’ve had some very strong feelings about the potential complications (5% chance of voice box paralysis +¬†the potential to mess with my parathyroid, which would lead to an additional lifelong medication to take). Since my thyroid was still functioning, I just didn’t want to remove it and be on lifelong medication,¬†unless it was absolutely necessary. There are a few reasons why, but mainly…I don’t want my hormone levels to be in someone else’s hands, I don’t want to actually take medication everyday (I’m lazy), and for women in particular, taking daily Synthroid for years, can lead to things like osteoporosis, etc. So that’s why I signed up for tracking the nodule instead of completely removing my gland.

My first biopsy came back benign, and NONE of the nodules have grown since we’ve been tracking them. This is a good sign, and I assumed it meant my biopsy for this year would be coming back clean too…however, that didn’t happen. In early January, I unexpectedly found out I was having ANOTHER baby (#irishtwins). It was so beyond unplanned…you can read about that here. Two days after that shock, I got another shock…my biopsy had come back as “suspicious”. They could neither confirm, nor deny cancer. I’ve since learned that when the nodule came back uncertain, they tested my genes. My genes are what came back positive for thyroid cancer, which is why they labeled my biopsy as “suspicious”. Since I have the genetic trait for thyroid cancer, and my nodule is “suspicious”, my endocrinologist recommended complete removal of the gland ASAP.

When I met with him, it was a haze. I was upset and reeling from the phone call, so I didn’t ask many questions. I just remember him really pushing for the surgery while pregnant, and telling me that it would be no big deal for the baby as long as I waited until the second trimester. I also remember him getting snippy with me because I couldn’t process the plan of action he wanted me to take. He went ahead and prescribed my daily lifelong meds, sent me for an ultrasound of my lymph nodes, and referred me to a surgeon (Dr. B).

A few weeks later, I met with the surgeon. I liked him from the start…especially when he told me that I was a busy lady after finding out I was pregnant again (I mean..y’all know how my sense of humor is LOL). His plans seemed to line up with my endocrinologist’s plans. We would remove my thyroid once I was in my second trimester. He wanted to speak with my OB first though. He instructed me to give her an envelope from him, and after they spoke, his surgery coordinator would call me and we would schedule the surgery.

There was a bit of phone tag that ended up happening between them, so a few weeks passed before they were actually able to speak. After they finally got in touch with one another, my OB messaged me on Facebook to let me know that Dr. B was going to do some more research and speak with my endo again, and then he would get in touch with me. When I read her message, my heart leapt because to me…it sounded like Dr. B might be changing his mind on the surgery.

When his coordinator finally contacted me, she said they wanted me to come back into the office to meet with Dr. B. This confirmed what I was feeling, and I started earnestly praying for it.

I should make a sidenote here and tell you all that in my heart, I do not feel like I have cancer. I can’t explain it other than to say it’s just a gut feeling I have. However, I’m trying to be wise because I know I’m human and my gut feelings aren’t always right (they are most of the time…but obviously not 100% accurate). My plan of action thus far was to be at peace and to just follow the recommendations of my doctors. I decided to trust that God would change things, if they needed to change. And that’s why I just wanted¬†ONE expert to advise me to wait ūüôā

My appointment with Dr. B was yesterday. Benji arranged to be off of work, so that we could process any new information together, and my mom watched the kids, so that we could be 100% focused.

My prayers were answered when we finally spoke to¬†him. He informed me that he had done quite a bit more research, and had spoken to his mentor at UAB, who performs the most thyroid surgeries of anyone in the state. He explained the biopsy results to us a bit more and said that my “suspicious” result with my genetic traits only translates into a 40% chance of me¬†actually having¬†thyroid cancer. With that being the case, and since pregnancy hormones don’t generally affect the thyroid, he recommended waiting until after I deliver the baby to have it removed. But it didn’t end there! He also informed me that he would only want to take out the side that contains the nodule. What this means is that if they take that side out, and it’s not cancer, I get to keep the other half, which *should* be able to function and produce enough hormone to prevent me from being on lifelong meds. Of course, that also means that if the nodule is cancerous, I’ll have to have a second surgery, but like I said above…I feel in my gut that I don’t have cancer, so this is just an AMAZING option for me!

I am just so over the moon excited. I mean…God removed ALL of my concerns in one appointment! I hadn’t even prayed about one of those concerns (being on lifelong meds) because I didn’t think I had any other option. I thought it was just one of those things that just is what it is. I’m so relieved¬†for this new route I get to take!

So for now, the¬†plan of action is to have my thyroid removed in October sometime. We will be having a thyroid ultrasound sometime in the next week or two just to be sure the nodule is stable in size and pregnancy isn’t making anything grow. If it hasn’t grown, we can be reassured that¬†waiting¬†is the right decision ūüôā

Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers over the past couple of years! This has been an interesting journey to say the least!

And because I feel the need to have a picture with every post, here’s a comparison shot so you can see how big I am with Theo in comparison to Mae…

FullSizeRender (4)

Whoa buddy. And I’m actually 16 weeks now. HUGE. #4thbabyprobs



This showed up in my Facebook feed yesterday. I doubled over laughing when I saw it because it’s¬†exactly what my life looks like right now.

Most of our close friends and family already know this, but¬†Benji had a vasectomy back in December. We¬†had been¬†considering it the whole time I was pregnant with Mae, but after the leg/bladder fiasco following her birth, we knew for sure it was the route we wanted¬†to take. I love having children…we both do, but I HATE being pregnant…with a passion.

After Mae was born, we¬†talked extensively about the fact that we may still want more children later on, but at the moment we were maxed out, both financially, and on attention we could give to each child. We decided that since we were currently maxed out, and since I’m fertile myrtle, but¬†never wanted to be pregnant again, Benji¬†would go ahead and get a vasectomy. Since we weren’t sure if we were technically “done” with children, we talked about fostering later on, perhaps when the kids were all in school. It seemed like a win/win situation and it felt like the right thing to do.

Even though it was likely years down the road, I was excited about the thought of fostering. I went through all of our baby clothes three weeks ago (to get rid of them!) and absentmindedly started pulling pieces to save just in case we ever had another baby in our home. That’s when I realized just how badly I wanted¬†to eventually foster. ¬†The thought of it warmed my heart, and honestly….kept me from crying while getting rid of the clothes that Mae had outgrown!

Then last Tuesday, my friend April sent me this text:


When I got it, I just smiled…hoping again that our family would¬†look like that one day. Little did I know that while I was hoping¬†our family would eventually look like this through fostering, God had something entirely different in store for us.

This past Saturday, after days of feeling extremely tired and sick and thinking maybe I had diabetes or cancer, I found out that I was actually pregnant.

Pick yourself up off the floor and continue reading.

Phew. Yes. I am pregnant. And I’m just going to be honest here…I’ve been feeling the need to defend myself to everyone because I have a four month old and in the world’s eyes this is irresponsible. And truthfully, it’s a little embarrassing too. But Benji and I literally did everything right to not get pregnant. We used condoms every time. Every time! I’m breastfeeding. My cycle never¬†returned. HE HAD A¬†FREAKING VASECTOMY.¬†The only thing we can conclude is that God must really want this baby to be here.

I saw my OB on Monday. It just so happened that I had my yearly exam scheduled for that day. She was able to do a physical exam and determined that I am already 8-9 weeks along. Good Lord. I will have a dating ultrasound this Friday and will know more then. My hCG levels looked great, but my progesterone was low, so I’m having to take progesterone pills until I hit 12 weeks. I just can’t even believe I’m talking like this again.

The fact that this baby is impossible¬†has actually brought me a great measure of peace over the past few days. I’ve always wanted four children. ALWAYS. However, Benji and I aren’t loaded, so if we had done or planned this ourselves, I would be so immensely worried about how we would make it work. Right now, that’s not even on my radar. I don’t have to figure all of that out.¬†God made this happen, and I believe he will cause everything else to fall into place. He’s good like that.

I’m reminded of Harper’s story. You can read that here: Harp’s story. God is good, y’all. He is. He loves us so much!

I am excited…and thrilled…and still in absolute shock. This is an amazing miracle!

I’ve been watching this over and over again because it’s exactly how Benji and I reacted and it makes me laugh:

Poor Benji didn’t even want me to test because he said I was being paranoid and it was impossible. Hahahaha!

I’ve been getting some pretty great responses to the news…and because I love my friends, and want to remember their responses, I’m going to share a few here. Sorry, guys.



I love you, Rodney. Thanks for making me laugh and for always saying what everyone else is thinking! ‚̧

And then there’s my BFF’s reaction


I had to cross my response out because¬†my language was a bit…over the top.¬†I was still in the shock phase and the eff word was flying. But Stacey’s response was too good not to share. So…there.

I love my friends.

So yeah. There’s that. I’m pregnant. And since Mae missed the school cut off by one day, she and this two baby will be in the same grade once school starts! HA.

But wait…I have some more news to share!

My endocrinologist called me two days ago and asked me to come into his office. My biopsy results came back and were “suspicious”. They could neither confirm nor deny cancer, so they are recommending complete removal of my thyroid ASAP. Since I am pregnant, I will have to wait until the second trimester to have the surgery. The doctor said the baby would be fine, but naturally…I’m still a little nervous.

They won’t know whether or not it’s cancer until after they take it out and test it. If it IS cancer, thyroid cancer isn’t super aggressive, so I can wait to do radiation and all that jazz until after the birth. Phew.

So…basically this blog is just me dropping huge bombshells on everyone¬†and asking for prayer. Lots and lots of prayer.

Please know that I’m okay. That’s the question I’ve been asked the most over the past few¬†days…are you okay? I am SO okay. I really am. Yes…it’s a lot to process. And I’m definitely still in shock that¬†I’m here…but I’m also finding great humor in it. God knows that I love a good joke and surprise. I feel so loved¬†by Him and I have peace that this will all work out. With the thyroid stuff, I feel that they’ll remove it and it won’t even be cancer. That’s just what I feel in my gut. So I haven’t even been worried about the stuff that will follow. My main hibby jibby right now is having surgery on my neck. I have neck phobia…and surgery phobia. Not to mention I’m pregnant. It’s just such a weird situation to be in! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

So, besides prayer, any positive stories you can share with me would be greatly appreciated. I’ve already heard a few encouraging stories of pregnant woman having this done, and it just helps to hear those things! The more I hear, the better!

Thanks, and sorry for the shock! Ha.


The Pensieve, 2015 Edition

2016-01-01 19.10.56

As usual, I’m posting our favorite memories from our memory jar¬†to my blog. Also as usual, I’m pretty tired (New Years + kids…am I right?), so I won’t be saying too much. This is really just for me so that I can go back each year and have quick visual of our favorite memories. This is our fourth year with the memory jar, and I really love it. I’m thankful for Pinterest giving me the idea!¬†With each passing year, the kids become more involved and it’s such a wonderful tradition to share with them as we start out a brand new year.

If you’d like to look at our memories from years past, you can view them here:


And here are the favorites from this year, in order by date:

  • We drove to Tuscaloosa to work on the house. We spent our drive
    picking out baby names. It took a while, but we settled on two that we like: Mabel Ivy or Moses Silas ūüôā 01/02/2015
  • Me, Grace, and Sarah told the family we were pregnant. Paw Paw Joe made us laugh because he said he’d have to write all the dates down to remember. Granny Gayle was SO excited and so loud! ‚̧ 01/10/2015
  • I got to hold Harper while he was sleeping. 02/24/2015
  • Harper told me that when he grows up, he wants to be a flower for me. 03/06/2015
  • Harper went on his first hike with daddy. Emrist was scared and asked if we would hold her on the mountain, so we took her later. 03/25/2015
  • Emrist told me that when Mae comes out of my belly she wants to give her her blue blankie. 05/13/2015
  • Harper felt Mae kick for the first time. She was active so I told him to sit and watch her move. She stopped, of course! He asked if he could feel her. When he put his hand there, she kicked. His eyes got wide and he said “was that Mae?!” It was so sweet! He read her a book after that – Knuffle Bunny. 05/30/2015
  • I gave Harper a broken music box to play with. He brought it back to me fixed. 07/14/2015
  • 12:41 PM. Mabel Ivy Martin was born. She was calm and warm when she entered the world. Very alert. We got to spend our first hour along. It was so lovely. 09/02/2015
  • Mae burped and Harper said “Look! She’s learning to burp like us!” 10/12/2015
  • (Harper’s memory): Mommy got me to help a lady at Target. She was locked out of her car. I climbed through her trunk and unlocked her door. She called me her hero. 12/06/2015


The end.