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Weight Watchers, We Meet Again.

My first week back on Weight Watchers is coming to a close, and I feel great! If you read any of my previous blog entries about Weight Watchers (before getting pregnant with Emrist), you’ll know that I said I had planned on doing it for life. Well I meant what I said, so here I am again.

A little fat refresher: Before I got pregnant with Harper, I weighed 265 pounds. On the day Harper was born, I was close to, if not over, 300 pounds. That was a scary moment for me. I dropped 40 pounds immediately following his birth, and in the months afterwards, I gained 10 of those back. I joined Weight Watchers in July of 2011 and had hoped to get down to 180 pounds (or maybe it was 200? I can’t remember…) before getting pregnant again.

As it turns out though, someone had different plans. And I’m pretty happy about those different plans because I love my little dragon girl! I found out about our surprise baby the day before April Fools of last year – how appropriate!  I can’t remember for sure, but I think I was around 220 pounds at that point.

I started gaining weight almost immediately with Emrist, whereas with Harper, I gained everything in the last three months. I knew this weight gain would be different, and that it would likely stick around after her birth, but I tried not to worry about it.

I did lose 20 lbs after her birth. However, over the following weeks, I started slowly putting weight back on again. I couldn’t really figure out why since I was breastfeeding. I had been told that breastfeeding mothers need 300-500 extra calories a day to maintain a healthy milk supply. Since I’m still breastfeeding and pumping, I’ve been making sure to eat those extra calories every day. Cookie? Don’t mind if I do!

Well last week, I was astonished to see the scale hit 252 pounds when I stepped on it. I had gained 10 pounds since Em’s birth! Ummmm, so not cool. I decided then that it was time to hop back on the Weight Watchers train.

On my first day back, I asked a breastfeeding/Weight Watchers question on Facebook. One of my friends informed me that you’re only supposed to have 20 extra calories per ounce you make. Well. That explains why I started gaining so much weight right after Em’s birth! I only produce two ounces of breast milk a day – so I only needed 40 extra calories a day. Not 300-500. Oops.

So here I am, one week later and I’m down five pounds.

Ahhhh. Now that’s more like it!

In addition to doing Weight Watchers, Benji and I have also given up eating processed foods for Lent. And we’re exercising every day: he’s training for another 5k and I’m exercising because it gives me a 30 minute break from motherhood…and it makes me feel good. Anyways, I think the combination of these three things is why I dropped so much in the first week.

I expect the weight loss to slow down within the next week or two. I’m still hoping to get down to 180 eventually, but I’m in no real hurry to get there. The main thing I want out of this is to just feel better, and I already do. So that’s that!

Getting back up :)

Last week I decided that today would be the day I would start Weight Watchers again. I was going to start last Monday, but later decided I just wasn’t ready yet. I needed some time to do some emotional eating. Lots of chocolate (and peanut butter pie) was had. I had my last bite of ice cream last night and got Benji to take the Oreos out of the house this morning. I am ready now.

Before getting pregnant, I was very public about my weight loss journey. I want to continue along that path. I feel that writing about my progress here keeps me accountable. So in the spirit of that, I am once again telling my weight: I am currently 226.

I started out on July 12, 2011 at 265 pounds. My goal was to eventually reach 200 pounds, but then Benji and I unexpectedly got pregnant. I have since gained two pounds, which might have seriously just come from all of my emotional eating last week.

I’m excited and ready to get back on track. I’m also proud of myself because I’m not letting everything that’s happened get the best of me. I’m not going to act defeated because well…I’m not. I have victory through Christ and I’m going to get back up and kick life’s arse. Here goes nothing.

Weight Loss Update (Pictures Included!)

Something great happened today! I fit into a size 16 pair of jeans for the first time in about a decade. I get excited with each new victory – no matter how big or small – so my apologies if posting about them too much annoys anyone. It just helps me to keep going 🙂

I ended up with some “me” time today so I decided to go try on some clothes while I had the chance. I went to Target and grabbed the first size 16 jeans I could find. They happened to be skinny jeans and ended up being the only size 16 jeans I could find. I headed to the dressing room expecting to come out disappointed, but ended up being really encouraged. They fit! WOO HOO!! I honestly thought it might be a fluke, so I headed over to Ross to see if I could fit into a size 16 there as well. And I could. Dude…it felt so awesome!

Here are the pictures:

Target skinny jeans.

Ross jeans! Yippee! (the shirt is a lil’ too tight, but whatevs)

So far I’m down a total of 42 lbs. Yesterday was actually my Weight Watchers four month anniversary 🙂 The past month or so has been difficult. The weight loss has slowed a bit. I’ve had a lot going on – family visiting, birthday parties, etc. I lost my cat. We moved. The weather has gotten colder, so I’ve walked less. I walk about 2-3 times a week now, whereas in the beginning I was walking just about every day. My days have just been very unpredictable. It’s easier for me to make healthy choices when I know what to expect so this has been very hard to stick to recently. BUT I HAVE.

I’ve been losing about a pound a week for the past month. I’d prefer to be losing closer to two, but I always tell myself “at least I’m not gaining!” I’m proud because I’ve kept going. I’ve stuck to this. Even on days/weeks when I have been discouraged. That’s a victory for me.

There is one thing that’s driving me absolutely insane that I’d like some advice on: MY ARMS! Oh my gosh. My bottom half keeps shrinking and shrinking, but my arms are staying the same. I feel very disproportional right now. What should I do? Will they eventually shrink or should I be doing something to help them along like…lifting weights? If so, how much, how long, etc (and PS: I don’t want to bulk up…)?

So yeah…thoughts? Advice?


Weight Watchers Update (For My Mom!)

So…I’m really trying not to talk about Weight Watchers ALL the time – I just don’t want to be annoying – but my mom asked for some pictures when we were talking on the phone tonight. You can’t really see detail in pictures that are texted to her phone, so I figured I’d post them on the ole’ blog for her to see. Here ya go, Ma!

Big difference, right?! It’s pretty exciting. My original “face” update can be found here. As you will also read in that post, I started this thing off at 265. Right now I’m down to 231…so I’ve lost 34 lbs. I’m currently down to a size 18. I bought some new clothes recently and believe it or not, the pants are already starting to feel baggy on me! Perhaps it won’t be long before I’m a 16. I hope not, but the weight loss is beginning to slow down a bit. In the beginning, I was losing about 4-5 pounds per week. Right now I’m averaging about two pounds per week.  I knew it would slow down eventually. I’m just glad to still be making progress!

Okay. That’s it’s for the weight update. Now on to Harper. He’s sick. Again!

He started wheezing really badly this afternoon. It came out of no where! One minute he was fine, and then the next, he sounded like a 100 year old smoker. Needless to say, I freaked out. And cried. After an after-hours trip to the pedi, we learned that he has the croup. Fun times. Here is a video of sick Harper so you can hear the nastiness:

and that video^^^ reminds me of this one that I took of him when he was about 3-4 months old:

He had something similar to what he has now in that video! Poor baby boy 😦 I feel so bad for him. Especially since he JUST got over whatever it was he had two weeks ago (I basically concluded it was Hand, Foot & Mouth). Prayers for my sweet baby are much appreciated. He’s still in good spirits, as usual, but I still hate seeing him sick! It just hurts my heart.

New (smaller) Clothes.

So. Today I went clothes shopping for the first time since starting Weight Watchers. Let me just start off by saying that I am just like any other girl when it comes to loving clothes/shoes. I am not like any other girl when it comes to shopping, though. I…hate…shopping! With a passion. This has resulted in a pretty plain wardrobe for me. It’s kind of funny because if you look at “My Style Pinboard”  on Pinterest, you will see what kind of clothing I really like. None of those items are actually in my closet though because I’ve been too lazy (and scared, honestly) to try anything different.

While trying on clothes today, I was pleased to learn that I could fit my arse into a size 18 pair of pants. Before starting Weight Watchers, I was wearing a size 20 (sometimes 22) in pants and a 2X in tops. I know this sounds ridiculous, but today was the first day I actually saw the progress I’ve made. I’ve watched the number on the scale go down every day, but I haven’t actually “felt” smaller. Today I looked in the mirror and saw it though. It felt good….REAL good.

I started out picking the usual clothing items for myself – flowy/baggy crap that hides my waist line – but when I realized I was down a couple sizes, I got a boost of confidence to try on some different items:

The blouse in the middle is an example of what I usually pick out, and what I felt most comfortable in – I just feel hidden when I wear stuff like that. The first outfit is something I die for when I see it on other girls. I’ve never given that style a chance for myself though (because of my fat rolls). I really didn’t think it would fit when I was trying it on today, but it did. I wasn’t completely happy with how my hips looked in it, but figured that was a problem that Spanx could fix and bought it anyways. My next challenge will be to actually wear it out in public – scary! The third outfit is mostly just different for me because of the color. I love yellow, but I never wear it! I try to stick with darker colors in order to hide my figure 🙂

So there you have it. I’m a lil’ smaller. I tried on different clothing styles and colors. And apparently I like to stand with my hand on my hip. Sassy girl.

Wanna Know How Much I Weigh?

Well sit tight, and I’ll tell you!

Today is my 1st Weight Watchers monthiversary. I decided about a week and a half ago that I would do a “weight reveal” on the ole’ blog to celebrate it. It seems an odd way to celebrate because telling everyone how much I weigh honestly scares the hell-o out of me, but I HAVE to do this! There are several reasons why, but mainly I’m just tired of worrying about someone finding out.

I remember when Benji and I were dating/engaged. I was seized with fear before the wedding. Oh…this wasn’t the typical fear that comes into play when you’re making a HUGE life change. Not the “will I be a good wife” or “am I cut out for this” type fears. No. I’m talking about the fear of Benji finding out what size pants I wore.  Or worse, finding out my weight. Looking back, it seems so stupid, but I was seriously afraid of him seeing proof that I was well…fat. It was as if the actual number, or pants size would say or prove something that my chunky figure didn’t.

I’ve come a LONG way since then. I no longer hate my body. I’ll be honest though…I don’t love it either. I’m almost there though. I think the biggest shift has been in realizing – truly realizing –  that my body doesn’t define who I am.  I’m much kinder to myself nowadays. Having Harper helped too. I have some serious appreciation for what my body did for those nine months. I could never hate my body after it carried and protected my sweet Harp for so long. It’s a gift.

Back to the magic number though. I told Benji the magic number back in 2009 and he could’ve cared less – duh. I don’t know why I was terrified of him finding out.  I am just as terrified of you, my readers, finding out. I felt so much better after I told Benji though, like I didn’t have to hide anymore. It was just a great feeling, and that’s why I’m telling you!

So…without further ado here’s the magic number: 246

That’s down from 265 a month ago. I weighed 296 at my highest (when I was pregnant with Harper) and oh my geez…that was a scary minute for me. I never want to be that close to 300 again.

Here is a picture of my progress so far:


I made this black and white because I have since changed my hair color and the two different color tones took away from the actual progress. I just wanted to share this because my double chin is gone!!!! I am pumped about this. So so pumped!

Weight Watchers has been super easy so far. I signed up for it with the intentions of doing it forever. I really want this to be a life change. For some reason, I just feel like I can do this weight loss thing now. Before having Harper, I thought it was impossible for me. That’s no longer the case though. I don’t know what changed when I had Harper, but I no longer feel like food and weight problems have power over me. It’s a pretty great feeling.

And in case any of you are interested in my weight watchers plan, I currently get 39 points a day, and 49 flex points for the week. I usually allow myself to go over once a week and dip into my flex points. Benji and I also walk four miles a day…EVERY day! 🙂