Day 137 – July 14, 2010

I need to give a big shout out to my heavenly father. I passed my sugar test today. Not only that, but my blood pressure was great, my iron was great and I also lost weight (just a pound). With all the excitement of finding out the sex at the last visit, I think I forgot to mention that I had gained three or four pounds (can’t remember which) at my last visit. At this point in pregnancy, it’s normal to gain about a pound a week, so I wasn’t all that shocked with the 3-4 pound weight gain last time, but I didn’t necessarily like it either.

About two weeks ago, I weighed myself at a friends house. When I stepped on the scale, I about passed out. According to it, I had gained six pounds in two weeks. I felt like there was no way it was right, but I didn’t know why it would be so off. With my sugar test coming up, I immediately started worrying about gestational diabetes. One of the symptoms is excessive weight gain. I shared my concerns with Benji. He was awesome and just told me the scale was off – brownie points for him!

Fast forward through the next two weeks. There was a lot of praying against that scale, and against gestational diabetes. I actually started praying against gestational diabetes and high blood pressure before I was even pregnant. The health professionals say you’re more at risk for it if you’re overweight. Well..I’m overweight and I serve an awesome God who is faithful to answer prayers…so go eat a brick folks!  Not literally, because health professionals are awesome and I appreciate their wisdom/knowledge, but you get what I mean. As you’ve already read above, God answered my prayers – great blood pressure, iron and weight!

This is me after my test. I really wanted to buy this candy bar. It was the jumbo version of my favorite candy bar ever – Mr. Goodbar! I don’t know if you can tell from the picture, but this sucker was huge. All in all, it had about 1,500 calories in it…and that’s why I didn’t buy it. I seriously could have eaten that thing whole, and I would have. I sat there with it in my hand listening to bad Ashley trying to convince me that I had enough willpower to just eat a few bites and then save the rest for later. Not true at all. I would’ve scarfed the entire thing down, and I knew it. With a sigh, I put that lovely bar back on the shelf and went up to the front to purchase a normal sized bar. I’m happy that I didn’t listen to bad Ashley.


One thought on “Day 137 – July 14, 2010

  1. Nicole says:

    You’re awesome and you’re doing a wonderful job of mothering Harper already! Congrats- and you deserved that Mr. Goodbar 😉

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