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Weight Watchers Update (For My Mom!)

So…I’m really trying not to talk about Weight Watchers ALL the time – I just don’t want to be annoying – but my mom asked for some pictures when we were talking on the phone tonight. You can’t really see detail in pictures that are texted to her phone, so I figured I’d post them on the ole’ blog for her to see. Here ya go, Ma!

Big difference, right?! It’s pretty exciting. My original “face” update can be found here. As you will also read in that post, I started this thing off at 265. Right now I’m down to 231…so I’ve lost 34 lbs. I’m currently down to a size 18. I bought some new clothes recently and believe it or not, the pants are already starting to feel baggy on me! Perhaps it won’t be long before I’m a 16. I hope not, but the weight loss is beginning to slow down a bit. In the beginning, I was losing about 4-5 pounds per week. Right now I’m averaging about two pounds per week.  I knew it would slow down eventually. I’m just glad to still be making progress!

Okay. That’s it’s for the weight update. Now on to Harper. He’s sick. Again!

He started wheezing really badly this afternoon. It came out of no where! One minute he was fine, and then the next, he sounded like a 100 year old smoker. Needless to say, I freaked out. And cried. After an after-hours trip to the pedi, we learned that he has the croup. Fun times. Here is a video of sick Harper so you can hear the nastiness:

and that video^^^ reminds me of this one that I took of him when he was about 3-4 months old:

He had something similar to what he has now in that video! Poor baby boy 😦 I feel so bad for him. Especially since he JUST got over whatever it was he had two weeks ago (I basically concluded it was Hand, Foot & Mouth). Prayers for my sweet baby are much appreciated. He’s still in good spirits, as usual, but I still hate seeing him sick! It just hurts my heart.

Chicken Pox?

Before I get started, I want to warn you that I’m going to be posting pictures of what I’m writing about, so if you’re grossed out by rashes, read no further 🙂

Most of you who read my blog come from Facebook, so you probably saw that Harper was running a fever yesterday. His fever got up to 102 and then finally broke in the evening. He was fussy all day long and you could just tell he wasn’t feeling well. He has been cutting teeth like crazy (he is up to EIGHT now!!!) so I assumed it might be teething again since he had no other symptoms. He’s had some bumps on his arms that Benji and I thought were mosquito bites, but this morning they looked different. He also had some new ones appear on his legs overnight. Luck would have it that he happened to have a well-visit scheduled for today. Long story short, the pediatrician told me that he thought he either had chicken pox or a rash caused by a viral infection. He couldn’t tell me which one for sure because he said there was one bump (top left corner in the picture I’m about to post) that wasn’t “common” with chicken pox. So…I’m posting a picture to get opinions from other moms who’ve dealt with chicken pox or anything similar:

Can any of you tell me what the crap this is?! IS it chicken pox? He has 2-3 on each limb, a couple on his neck, and a couple on his face. The one in the top left corner is the only one that looks like that, all the others just have one blister.

I don’t know…I was just really surprised that the pedi couldn’t tell me which one. He didn’t seem concerned either way. He just told me to make sure Harp doesn’t scratch them and to put Benadryl cream on them every day until they go away. He said to call if it gets worse. Hopefully it won’t.

Other than that, his check up was great. He didn’t have to get any shots – thank the Lord! It would’ve broken my heart after the day he had yesterday.

He currently weights 25 lbs 10 ounces (93rd percentile) and is 30.25 inches long (86th percentile). His head is 19.5 inches around. So big that it doesn’t even get a percentile…see:

The pedi said Harper isn’t crawling yet because his head is so heavy. Poor baby boy. I can’t help but giggle though. I was/am a melon head too.  

Cherishing the Moments.

My Harper does not like to cuddle. I’m not much of a cuddler either, unless we’re talking about Benji or Harp. I’ve never been a fan of hugs, and things of that nature (PS: side hugs are okay…just the full hugs bother me). Anyways, it seems my aversion to cuddles/hugs was passed on to my son. He seems to feel confined whenever we try to hug him. He doesn’t get mad, he just pushes us away. I think if he would’ve had full use of his arms at birth, he probably would have fought the cuddles then too. He definitely fought being swaddled. 

He’s been going to sleep on his own since about four months of age. All I have to do is lay him in his crib or pack & play, hand him his bunny and he goes to sleep. I’m so happy that he does this, but I also miss being able to rock him to sleep (he won’t let me anymore). He’ll sit in my lap and let me hold him, but he won’t fall asleep on me…ever! He just looks around and studies everything in sight.

Today I had a rare moment with him. I had been out all morning with my friend Jennifer. We went to yardsales, ran errands and then we decided to go to lunch. Harper hadn’t had his morning nap, so he was very tired. He fell asleep in the car and when I picked him up to go inside the restaurant, he woke up, and then laid his head down on my shoulder and went right back to sleep. I know it’s probably stupid to blog about it, but my heart got so warm and fuzzy. It was just…special. We went inside and ate and my sweet little boy slept on my shoulder almost the entire time…even while I was eating a hamburger over his head.

Of course I took a picture of the sweet moment, because who knows when/if it’ll ever happen again:


New (smaller) Clothes.

So. Today I went clothes shopping for the first time since starting Weight Watchers. Let me just start off by saying that I am just like any other girl when it comes to loving clothes/shoes. I am not like any other girl when it comes to shopping, though. I…hate…shopping! With a passion. This has resulted in a pretty plain wardrobe for me. It’s kind of funny because if you look at “My Style Pinboard”  on Pinterest, you will see what kind of clothing I really like. None of those items are actually in my closet though because I’ve been too lazy (and scared, honestly) to try anything different.

While trying on clothes today, I was pleased to learn that I could fit my arse into a size 18 pair of pants. Before starting Weight Watchers, I was wearing a size 20 (sometimes 22) in pants and a 2X in tops. I know this sounds ridiculous, but today was the first day I actually saw the progress I’ve made. I’ve watched the number on the scale go down every day, but I haven’t actually “felt” smaller. Today I looked in the mirror and saw it though. It felt good….REAL good.

I started out picking the usual clothing items for myself – flowy/baggy crap that hides my waist line – but when I realized I was down a couple sizes, I got a boost of confidence to try on some different items:

The blouse in the middle is an example of what I usually pick out, and what I felt most comfortable in – I just feel hidden when I wear stuff like that. The first outfit is something I die for when I see it on other girls. I’ve never given that style a chance for myself though (because of my fat rolls). I really didn’t think it would fit when I was trying it on today, but it did. I wasn’t completely happy with how my hips looked in it, but figured that was a problem that Spanx could fix and bought it anyways. My next challenge will be to actually wear it out in public – scary! The third outfit is mostly just different for me because of the color. I love yellow, but I never wear it! I try to stick with darker colors in order to hide my figure 🙂

So there you have it. I’m a lil’ smaller. I tried on different clothing styles and colors. And apparently I like to stand with my hand on my hip. Sassy girl.